Pre-Workout more important than Post Workout?

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  1. Damn...this is a good 'ol thread and I suggest ppl start reading it

    BUMP for the hungry minds at

    This has me thinking...between this and another post by brooklyn juice, I'm looking into a BCAA / ALCAR During workout mix....

    Alcar 3 x day total (1 during WO)
    BCAA (during and PWO) to figure out dosing

  2. Quote Originally Posted by kwyckemynd00
    Damn...this is a good 'ol thread and I suggest ppl start reading it

    BUMP for the hungry minds at
    Wow, great minds think alike.

    Anybody got any pre-workout nutrition recipes they'd like to share? I'm still trying to figure out how much of what stuff I should be eating, and when I should eat it. I'll keep on searching and post any discoveries I make here --- it would be nice if others chimed in and we had something approaching a reference point thread for all things pre-workout.

  3. lately i've been having 1/2 a Gatorade, 3 scoops of a protein blend & 20g of creatine 1 hour before a w/o.

    15 minutes before i have 10-15g of taurine.

    sensational pumps!!!!!!!

    actually post w/o is exactly the same thing but with pure whey isolate.


  4. Bump - Definitely a good read, I've been eating mainly fruit (bananas, oranges) pre-workout, but I'm going to try 3 scrambled egg whites with cheese along with 6 oz. chicken breast chopped up in the eggs for a while, and see if I notice any improved strength, energy, etc.

    I think someone should try this and keep a log... Wouldn't be anything revolutionary or anything, but I think it would be a nice read if it was done by someone who could keep a really good log

  5. bumping a good read...

    having recently switched from lifting right after I wake to lifting in the evenings after work, I'm still playing around with pre/post workout nutrition and timing



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