Does Baked Beans Have its Place in Cutting Diet?

  1. Does Baked Beans Have its Place in Cutting Diet?

    hey guys,

    everytime i have a steak or some chicken chop, i will ask for the fries to be changed to some baked beans in in the end i will get 2 serving portions of baked i am wondering whether i should just cut out the baked beans...or is it ok to have them?

  2. Depends. Are they made the way they are down here with syrup and other sweetness?
    If so, then you know.

  3. As with any food, depends on the portion and what your caloric plan is. I don't think there's a 'yes or no' answer. If you are 280 at 12% bf and trying to get to 10%, probably not a big deal. If you are 180 trying to do the same, it's a bit tougher.

    FWIW, Fitday lists generic 'Baked beans' with the following macros for a 1 cup serving:

    Calories: 387
    Fat: 13g
    Carbs: 55g
    Fiber: 10g
    Protein: 15g

    I wouldn't eat them myself, but I'm only 195 lbs.

  4. Agreed with the above.

    If managed correctly and written into a well-planned diet plan (with portion control), then you could do it.

    I can think of better carb sources for when trying to get sub-10% though.
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  5. Your ordering fast food, or food that's not prepared by you, either way they cut corners (adding extra calories and unnatural things) to make it taste better. The only food I eat when I'm out is great wraps, and all that's in it is chicken,lil bit of cheese, lettuce, tomato, alphapha beans, cucumber, giradona peppers and hummus in a vege tortilla. My friend works there and I see what's going into what i'm eating, as I eat that after a workout with my protein powder mixed with water. It's hard to prepare meals, but that payoff is huge.

  6. hmmm...actually i was trying to go for the no carbs diet or at least one which is so minimal it's negligible...

    anyway i am 157lbs with bodyfats in the 16% region trying to get it down to single digit for that 6 packs before school starts..i'm only 5"2 or 1.7m by the way...

    so is going no carbs ok?...or must there be some carbs everyday if not my muscles will go to waste? and that means baked beans(the Heinz type) have no place in my diet?

  7. Beans are an excellent source of low GI carbs and fiber as long as you are getting them without a bunch of added crap. For example, I have a can of Great Northern Beans here with the following macros:
    1/2 cup 100 cals
    .5g fat
    sodium 310mg
    potassium 413mg
    carbs 19g
    fiber 7g
    sugars 1g
    protein 6g

    All that and a GI less than 40. Great for cutting. IMO
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  8. Yeah, beans don't work too well on a low-carb plan. You can go no carb and lose fat fairly effectively without losing too much muscle as long as you

    1. Continue to train regularly
    2. Keep up your protein intake and
    3. Refeed carbs occasionally
    4. Keep your overall calories well below maintenance (most important)

    Presuming you mean that you are going back to school in Sept, I wouldn't go the no-carb route - i would keep cals at a moderate deficit (500-700 below) and keep protein high. I would still throw in cheat days once every one or two weeks to keep metabolism from crashing as well. I HIGHLY recommend keeping rigorous track of you calories through Fitday or Diet Power on something like that.

    If you are deadset ondoing it, though Lyle McDonald's Rapid Fat Loss diet book outlines a very effective (albeit extreme) no carb plan. It's more for people trying to do it in a hurry, though.

  9. wow..thanks all have been a great help to me...learnt alot here...hmmm...and just wondering...does low/no carbs means fibrous carbs too? apples and brocolli's? do i have to calculate him into the carbs consumption column?

  10. When calculating absorbed carbs, no you don't count insoluble fibre.

  11. so if i don't consume any rice or potatoes or the junk food or beans...can that mean i had a no carb diet for the day?

  12. There are a lot more sources of carbs out there. Seriously - FitDay - Free Weight Loss and Diet Journal. It's free and it does the work for you.

  13. ok...i have taken everybody's advise and done up my journal for the day...and the results are shocking!!!...its like a book smacked across my face..saw many facts with i wouldn't otherwise know abt...

    here's the link...

    if can..pls help me out with it....i'm pretty desperate due to the taunting i get from friends abt how fat i am now everytime they see me...
    (fat as in stomach packs at all)


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