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    Unhappy contest prep advice

    i miscalculated thinking that i was 11 weeks out when im actually 9...stupid calender, so im going to be doing HIIT cardio for 20 mins in the morning and 20 mins in the evening 4 times a week so thats 8 cardio sessions a week.... i may bump it up to 11, ive also ordered some xenadrine rfa-1, in my last week of prep im thinking about doing this:

    MON - heavy training - carb deplete
    TUE - heavy training - carb deplete
    WED - heavy training - carb deplete
    THUR- cardio - carb deplete
    FRI - cardio - carb deplete - creatine load
    SAT - carb load (XL pizza night before) - creatine load
    SUN - carb load - creatine load - showtime

    the only other issue i need help with is what to do with my water intake in the last week...any opinions?

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    You may be starting your Carb up a little late.

    Uhh pizza ... never heard of this one, when your carb up don't you need to keep the fat low.

    As far as water is concerned I use lots of water untill the day b4 the contest where I take in about 4 to 6 oz a meal up untill show time. Are you going to do sodium loading.
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