New Post-WO shake recipe.

  1. New Post-WO shake recipe.

    I posted this one on, but if you haven't seen it, here goes again.

    For those following the wholesome/low GI carbs for post-WO nutrition, here's a new recipe.

    I personally never tried it, as I'd rather eat my carbs than drink them - but I am sure that apart from being good for you, this shake would also taste great.

    So here you go;

    - Bake (or boil) a few sweet potatoes or yams until they are cooked, and stick them in the fridge.

    The Recipe.

    Put in a heavy-duty blender 

    - Sweet potato/Yam (quantity dependent on number of cabs wanted)
    - Vanilla protein powder
    - Cinnamon
    - Added sweetener (optional)
    - Water or milk (dependent on whether post-WO or other)
    - Ice cubes

    - Blend
    - Drink (or eat as a pudding)


    You can experiment with other flavors etc. Just be creative.



  2. definitely kickass Ripped, good stuff... and yeah, it does taste awesome... I like tons of cinammon though, a little vanilla extract and even a sprinkle of ground clove... I like experimenting with this ****, and to me after all that stuff it tastes like pumpkin pie (which is not a bad thing)

  3. Originally posted by RippedUp


    You're the first person I've seen spell this French word correctly. I've seen wala, vola, and whola.

  4. Originally posted by RippedUp
    My first language is French.
    that's pretty cool bro... chow!

  5. Thanks bro.

  6. biggin, does your vanilla extract have sugar in the ingredients? when i went to go buy some, all of them had sugar

  7. RippedUp, I was trying to quote you, and accidentally hit edit and deleted the post where you said your first language is French. Sorry, bro. Anyway I thought you were from Lebanon.

    BTW, good post; an interesting recipe.

  8. Originally posted by John Benz
    Sorry, bro.
    No problemo.

    Originally posted by John Benz
    Anyway I thought you were from Lebanon.
    I am.

  9. for the people who take low gi post wo shakes, do you guys still have a meal 1 hour later?

  10. Originally posted by pinoy
    for the people who take low gi post wo shakes, do you guys still have a meal 1 hour later?
    I eat again about 90 mins. later.

  11. Originally posted by RippedUp

    I am.
    Just like Zidane no? From Lebanon and French.

    P.S. I bet a lot of you should be wondering who he is .

  12. No, Zidane is from some old French colony (Algeria/Morocco etc. not sure) and French.

  13. I'll have to give that recipe a try...

    I don't know why, but half of the text from the first line is in white, and it can't be the moment all you can read is "Bake (or boil) a " I highlighted that line, which i how I realized there's more to it...

  14. Weird. It's all visible to me.

  15. Well that's strange as hell...

  16. Same here. It's white after "boil".

  17. Hrmmmm

  18. Should be resolved by now.


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