Too much cardio??

  1. Too much cardio??

    My new job involves walking about 5-6 miles per day. It's great constant slow paced cardio. I've lost about 4 lbs. in 10 days. Even though i've lost weight, I can tell it's mostly muscle and I'm becoming somewhat flabby. How do I prevent this so I will be burning fat instead of my muscle?

  2. if your heartrate is under 40% VO2 max you should be losing fat not muscle maybe you should get yourself a portable hr monitor to keep track

  3. Increase your caloric intake (carbohydreates--protein sparing macronutrients are essential in this case). I'd say up your daily kcals about 300kcals. Low intensity walking shouldn't be too horrendous on you unless your pretty ectomorphic.

  4. If your truely "walking", I highly doubt your losing muscle. What's your diet and stats look like? Maybe if you were like less than 9% bf and doing that, I'd be concerned, but like I said, walking doesn't hurt anyone and if you say you lost weight, I'd bet anything it was fat/water.

  5. Probably glycogen depletion and looking flat. Up the carbs.

  6. I agree with these fellas unless you're starving yourself you should still be losing fat over muscle.
  7. Exclamation

    Up the carbs, like the others said it's probably glycogen depletion. I on the other hand, do about 150- 200 miles a week on my bike during the summer. I eat about 5000 cals, give or take and I'll still drop about 25 lbs by September.

  8. I would like to know what job consists of walking 5-6 miles a day!!!!

    Chances are you are not eating properly, often enough. Maybe you have a stressful job and put meals aside to get work done? You can always drink a shake while your walking

  9. Probably some kind of security.

  10. my diet is pretty ****ty because i am constantly busy and i eat a breakfast at 730 am then lunch at about 2pm and then dinner later in the day..thats basically all i have time for. I will make the effort to eat more during the day, but what kind of carbs should i be eating?

  11. an idea would be to make breakfest burritos with some egg whites onion and cheese and wrap them in tin foil, there good warm or cold and it's a great source of protein.

    Yeah you should concentrate on your diet right now, as i've read a bunch of articles on here saying that walking is one of the best weight loss things to do.

    Good luck, it'll take some time to get in rythm and find a eating schedule that works for you. And keep up with the water and a good multi.


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