Hello Everybody.

  1. Hello Everybody.

    Hello Everybody,

    Name's Draco. I'm looking to shed about 40 lbs. and replace it with 30 lbs. of lean and mean.

    Anybody got any tips for a guy that looks like Bill Goldberg?

    Would appreciate it.

  2. Welcome.

  3. Welcome, if you look like Goldberg you need to be giving us tips

    WHO's NEXT?

  4. Lose the fat first and then try to add the muscle.

    BTW- welcome.

  5. yea man do you look like goldberg or want to look like goldberg. Bill has a awsome build!

    welcome to am
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  6. Eat Clean+Lift+Cardio= Yay......btw Raven soooooo had Goldberg in match #75....lol I used to love wrestling.
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