Max OT or Supersets for weightloss

  1. Max OT or Supersets for weightloss

    1. Doing supersets will burn more calories inside of the gym, right?

    2. Max OT = muscle overload, with heavier weights you will burn more outside of the gym.

    Which is best for fatloss?

  2. Conventional Wisdom when cutting =

    Focus on reducing cals + aerobics to create the negative calorie balance. Focus on doing high intensity, lower volume workouts to preserve muscle.

    Certainly there's some possible workouts where depletion workouts combined with carb restriction, and refeeds, etc work well... but just sharing my experience, I find the above advice works fine. Eat clean, reduce cals, use proper supplements and train intensely but lower volume when cutting, works for me.

  3. Pitty the Fool. Doesn't Mr. T live in Kansas city?

  4. I doubt it. I'm in KC and have never heard that. If so, then I'm the fool to be pitied.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Decca****
    Pitty the Fool. Doesn't Mr. T live in Kansas city?
    Mr T is like the force, Luke....

    Everywhere and Nowhere, Present and Absent, Alpha and Omega

  6. So is it given, you may want to use a program like HST instead of Max-OT when cutting? More reps, lighter weights, shorter rest periods? I was under the impression that it really doesn't matter what workout you do, just cut down your rest period. Any truth to that?

  7. Personal preference would be not reduce rest times if it keeps you from keeping your strength up.

    The model I use is keep at least one core exercise, 2-3 sets, training in the 6-8 range, second set train to failure. For example Bent over BB Row for back, or weighted chins. And then I might do 1-2 more exercises, 2-3 sets, and go a little faster, and maybe train 8-12 reps. But never so fast rest times that it's a throwaway set where I am decreasing my weights too much.

    The goal is to retain my muscle when I cut. Not burn calories by weight lifting. I use diet and cardio and supplements in that order, for the fat loss.

    In sum, keep lifting weights for size and strength. Dont switch to a "cutting" lifting workout, where you're going fast and light weights.

    Mesos and Endos may be ok with training with lighter weights - I need to keep training heavy, with lower volume to keep my muscle.

    Your mileage may vary - my post is simply about what works for me.


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