Weight loss: Treat Your Body Like A Ferrari

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    The secret to losing weight is simply to treat your body the same way you would your dream car - only the best!

    The simplest thing to remember is that you have to EAT TO LOSE BODYFAT! Your body is a nearly perfect biochemical machine that WANTS to run efficiently. Its like fueling a Ferrari w/ high grade gasoline -- filling the tank when its empty, replacing the oil, running it like it loves to be run at high speeds taking sharp corners and looking all sexy.

    Then coming home and replacing those items with exactly what it needs, cleanest sources available and in just the right amounts for optimized operation. BUT if you have all of that and then throw some mud in the gas tank, expect this amazing machine to run like your grandpas 1963 studebaker.

    When you get the "plateau" you don't feel as energetic or vibrant any more, your results start to slow and then you start to feel frustrated with all of your time in the gym because nothing seems to be working.

    Its easy to fix - clean the mud out of your gas tank. Get the good quality gas. Change your oil.

    Here are a few basic dieting concepts to get you started.

    - Keep your processed food intake to a minimum - this includes Cheerios, ice cream, Ritz crackers, and yes, even wheat bread. Avoid "white" carbs -- i.e. white bread. Replace with good starchy carbs -- potatos, yams, brown rice, oatmeal (not the quick-oats but the old-fashioned oats, and not the flavored stuff that comes in packets either). Peanut butter - use Natural PB -e.g. Smuckers. The regular stuff has lots of sugars & stuff in it.

    - Eat protein at every meal. Chicken, fish, steak, turkey, eggs

    - Drink your weight in ounces of water
    (e.g. i weigh 150 lb, i drink 150 oz water) -- keeps you hydrated and your system flushed, helps to carry out the waste/ by-products of your body's daily processing functions.

    - Fats - make sure you get some
    -- almonds, natural PB, fish, Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) pills, flax seed oil are all options

    - Eat 5-6 smaller meals - seperated by 2-3 hrs -- this is because your body can process proteins / fats & carbs from one meal wihin that time -- same as filling the tank on the Ferrrari, running it at top speed across I-75 from Miami to Ft Myers (across the FL peninsula east to west) to burn up all the fuel, and sitting for your next meal in another 2-3 hrs.

    - Save your junk food for a single cheat
    (or call it a "reward" ) meal or day after staying clean for a week. Its good to throw some junk in your system so it is able to process it occasionally -- i.e. if u eat 100% clean all the time, eventually your body has a hard time processing junk like too much salt, dairy, too many carbs, etc. and it just isn't fun. So every 5-7 days throw in some junk. Not a lot of junk, but some junk. IT also helps you keep from going nuts on a tight diet and also gives you room to plan your socializing.

  2. I dont think the ferrari would like the last point too much

  3. Being a car guy I can agree. But for me I agree with that last statement. I've been eating very clean and every time (once every 3 weeks or so) I'll eat something moderatly bad i.e. goldfish (crackers), or a hotdog and some beer at a game. I feel like crap and my body is fighting this stuff like a virus. So I think it is a sound Idea that you should not completely stay away from junk food (unless this is your life i.e. body building, power lifter, model) But for the regular joes you should keep your bodies ability to take in a variety of food well rounded.

    And it might help mentally because not cheating is a big part of the game, but a little bit will keep you honest.

    When I like to cheat I'll eat red meat, maybe a beer. But I'll need to be able to snack once n a while on some type of junk if my job goes through and i'm always traveling. Some day I won't be able to have a tuna sandwhich and a big glass of water and will have to eat mcdonalds (eww) but I don't wanta have problems after that so I'll make the sacrifice and keep my body well versed in the dark side of food.

  4. Lol I didnt mean I actually disagreed with the last point for me I meant for an actual ferrari

  5. Quote Originally Posted by OCCFan023
    Lol I didnt mean I actually disagreed with the last point for me I meant for an actual ferrari
    You mean you wouldn't throw in a tank of Discount Brand Unleaded every once in awhile.



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