low carb syrups...

  1. low carb syrups...

    anyone know of a low carb syrup that doesn't taste like everclear? Log Cabin brand taste like straight alcohol...I'm not sure if I like that or not


  2. seems like I've heard the Atkins syrup is pretty good, might want to run a search at bb, I think there is at least one thread on this

  3. I've used Atkins brand many times before, pretty good stuff, just $$. I think it uses either stevia or Splenda

  4. cool thanks, I'll give it a shot...


  5. I think there's a keto syrup out there too. I know I've seen it I just don't remeber where.

    EDIT: Found some.


  6. thx d

  7. IMO, Atkins Maple Syrup is awful! It's maple flavored water, and the texture is all wrong (water not syrup). On the other hand, their low carb pancakes are a winner, but I haven't found anything low carb AND edible to put on them.


    P.S. Atkins does have several flavors of low carb syrups (read as flavored waters) that I do enjoy adding to my protein shakes.

  8. I agree with tatortodd Atkins Pancake syrup is lightly flavored water. I also tried the Keto and Da Vinci brands and they were not much better. I was on an Atkins board and they were all recommending the Log Cabin Sugar Free. It's not zero carbs like Atkins, Keto or Da Vinci but it has the taste and texture of regular Log Cabin Syrup. That's all I buy now. The Atkins Waffle and Pancake mix and Sugar Free Log Cabin Syrup. The other nice thing is that it's available at the grocery store.

    Log Cabin Sugar Free

    Serving Size 1/4 cup
    Calories 35
    Total Fat 0
    Sodium 100mg
    Total Carb 12
    Sugars 0
    Sugar Alchol 12g
    Sorbitol 9g
    Malitol 3g

  9. I ate the log cabin again last night and it was better...I think it was the strawberries I was eating that were tasting like ass not the syrup



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