The Ripper Q and a

  1. The Ripper Q and a

    By: Chuck “The Ripper” Rudolph

    Q. I always get bloated after carb loads. I was told by an old trainer of mine that one should drink a lot of water with carb loads. Is this the reason?

    A. The water might very well be the reason why you are bloating. This is why I recommend drinking four to six ounces of water 60 minutes prior to the carbohydrate meal and then consume four to six ounces 45-60 minutes after the last bite of the carbohydrate meal. Even though you are consuming low-GI carbs, these have a tendency to draw water to the abdomen. Any excess water intake during the meal may result in unwanted bloating or feeling of fullness before the meal is complete. Since you are consuming a major influx of total calories from nutrient dense food sources, we want to make sure you get all of this meal in.

    Q. I see you recommending cardio even in the offseason and wonder who has time for cardio year round? I currently train with weights for about 75 minutes and after that, I’m pooped.

    A. There are two things we can look at. When we tell people to perform cardio after weight training, they sometimes say, “That means I’ll be in the gym for two hours!” We usually recommend between 20-35 minutes of low Intensity cardio post workout. What are these guys doing training for two hours? Weight training should take 30-45 minutes max. It is easy to over-train, and we want to prevent that by getting in, training, and then getting out. Also, who wants to spend all day in the gym?

    If boredom is the reason you skip the cardio, you can do what Scivation President Marc Lobliner and I do, cardio before weights. There are some instances when cardio before weights is acceptable. If your diet is in check and you consume your Xtend and Substance WPI ****tail pre, during and post training, your energy levels and power output will be fine. For example, some people do cardio before weights because there is no way they’d be able to do cardio after weight training. Also, since they might train first thing in the morning, this helps to warm up aging joints to avoid injury.

    Q. Anything new in the supplement world that excites you?

    A. Yes, the results we are seeing from Anagen. 20-beta-hydroxyecdysterone has gotten a bum rap lately but by providing a quality extract in a high dose and combining it with the proven adaptogens Bacopa Monnieri and Rhodiola Rosea, we are helping people achieve phenomenal training results. And when people stack it with Fenotest, the results have been amazing.

    Chuck Rudolph MEd, RD is a Registered Dietitian (Graduate California State University Long Beach) and holds a Masters degree in Nutrition Education with concentration in Biochemistry (Graduate of University of Cincinnati as well as Bachelor’s degree of Science from Xavier University). Chuck is a Nutritional Research Investigator and the Director of Research & Development for Scivation/PrimaForce - an elite nutritional research and supplement company. At Scivation/PrimaForce, Chuck is currently involved with the research and the development of innovative nutritional supplements directed at utilizing cutting edge nutrients for enhanced wellness and athletic performance.

    Being a former college athlete, Chuck Rudolph’s expertise is directed at enhancing sports performance through superior nutrition planning and sufficient supplementation. He has developed successful meal plans for various professional, college and high school athletes. Chuck has authored and co-authored various published scientific articles that are written for health care practitioners and consumers. Currently, his personal interests involve novelty formulations for sports fitness and recovery, weight management, cardiovascular and liver health and antioxidant protection. Contact Chuck at [email protected].

  2. The carbup thing was cool, but I was hoping for more than a Scivation commerical...not to bash Chuck (he gets results!) though.
    E-Pharm Nutrition Representative

  3. Well, at least we will be able to get his book soon, if not already released.

  4. Guess I didn't know he was gonna put one out. Cool!
    E-Pharm Nutrition Representative

  5. Yeah, if you subscribe to the newsletter, you will get one part at each week., Next is part 4.



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