7 Eating Styles That Make You Fat

How you eat is just as important as what you eat when it comes to weight gain.

Larry Scherwitz and Deborah Kesten, researchers from the California Pacific Medical Center, have identified seven specific eating patterns that may make us overeat and are linked to being overweight or obese, reports ABC's "Good Morning America." The message is simple, but powerful: Examine not only what you're eating, but also your relationship with food.

Each of these seven patterns of eating will negatively affect your relationship with food. Do you recognize yourself?

1. Fresh Food, Fast Food: If you find yourself eating at McDonald's for lunch and heating up packaged frozen dinners at night, you're eating too much processed, high-calorie food and not enough fresh foods.

2. Food Fretting: Are you so concerned about what you eat that you experience negative and guilty feelings when you think about food?

3. Task Snacking: You're too busy to sit down and eat right. So you just grab things to eat at your desk or in the car. If you're distracted when you eat and you're dining at the dashboard, chances are you'll eat more and gain weight.

4. Eating Atmosphere: Where you eat is as important as what you eat. When you dine in a calm setting, you're less likely to struggle with how much you eat.

5. Social Fare: People who eat alone tend to overeat. When we enjoy meals with others, we're far more likely to slow down and eat less.

6. Emotional Eating: Are you using food to manage your feelings?

7. Sensory/Spiritual Nourishment: People who eat this way are infusing their food with special meaning.

The study findings were published in Explore, a journal of science and healing.