Weider Vs. Gironda

  1. Weider Vs. Gironda

    Just wondering what you guys think of these bodybuilding guru's and the methods/systems they advocated. Is one better than the other?

  2. They offer a lot of advice. Which are you comparing?

  3. that is true, i guess what i asked is rather vague. But from what I have read, their approaches to producing quality physiques are pretty different.

    The man argument I have heard against Weider's system is for the natural bodybuilder, his recommendations arent completely applicable. I do realize one could and should customize programs/ideas to themselves...

    Gironda from what I understand is a bit unorthodox in his training principles...such as no back squats or bench presses. But since he also was all for drug-free bodybuilding, this would seem to be the better choice for the natural bodybuilder.

    I suppose all in all, just looking for oppinions from those who have had experience with both methods of training.

  4. VG is straight old school and responsible for Arnie's pre steroid growth in IMHO. Weider was responsible for Arnie's Steroid Growth as he advocated more sets than VG ever did, with more rest, as I think Weider understood overtraining could be a better thing when on...

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