How Low can I go?

  1. Question How Low can I go?

    I have about a month before my BIG interview. B/F around 18. I've just heard 1500 calories from someone. I was thinking 2100 with good mount of vitamins and minerals. Just tupperware everything in the morning. Try to spread out 4 meals 2-3 snacks

    I have a lot of
    Asian melon

    I"m just going to add olive oil instead of mayo.(not the melon)

    Is 2100 duable and retain lean muscle mass, or is a cut really a cut of everything?

    Oh my workout schedule should be mwf weights,5 days 30+min cardio.

    Do I have to cut the skim milk from my protein shake?

    I've been looking at recipes, I just need to get creative with the food and what I have.

    Please point me to any threads that I have missed. Looking to learn finally getting serious. (of course shooting for 10% bf)

    Also I have added a green tea extract with a decent amount of caffeine. take it in the morning with breakfest and half a multi gnc mm.

    And for this cut should I cut out the creatine, or will it help me maintain muscle mass? I like the abiltiy to finish most sets.

  2. what are your stats then we can help determine cals and everything else

  3. I guess that a cut requires a loss of LBM, but this is just my opinion, depending on how drastic you are. I would also suggest you to post more of your info.ex: How much do you usually eat?

  4. 5,9 "
    208 lbs
    17-19% bf
    (large frame)

    Last couple of weeks I've been taking around 3000 cals a day. 3 meals a day, consisting of 3 whites to 1 yoke in the morning with onions and s+p on whole wheat bread, or in a flour tortilla (switching to whole wheat this week) and a slice of cheese. Glass of OJ or skim milk

    Tuna for lunch (on whole wheat)- it has a little bit of mayo, 2 types of good mustard, and s+p.

    Then chicken for dinner or a fish. with rice.

    Pwo shake 3 times a week, and sometimes after a hard cardio on off days.

    Now inbetween meals I'm eating a peice of fruit or salad. Cutting out the mayo and cheese.

    Trying to cut down to near 2000 cals.

    workouts consist of 6 different lifts 3 sets 10 reps.
    Monday Back, Legs, abs
    Wensday Chest
    Friday Bi, Shoulders, abs

    Everyday 30-45 min on treadmill 1.5-3.5 miles (depeding on what day)

    I'm taking the gnc mm, and grean tea extract. I was taking glucosime, extra vitamin c + e, dandelion at night, calcium, and cod liver oil twice a day.

    Probably will cut everything besides multi and cod liver oil and grean tea extract.

    Hope this is enough info for you guys to come to some conclusions.



  5. I was about to type....then I saw you're in Saluki country...
    E-Pharm Nutrition Representative

  6. diet plan looks like you have the basics down.

    What I would reccomend:

    Break down the 3 meals into 5 (3 meals and snacks) and with your pre and post workout shake.

    I wouldnt do cardio everyday break it up (maybe 4-5 times a week) and sometimes after a workout depending on what your worked out (Dont want to over do it)

    cut to oj and take vit c pills insetad (have skim milk sparingly like 1-3 times a week)

    dont cut down to 2000 cals it is way to low for a guy of your size. Untitled Document use this to find bmr and cut 500 cals from there and thats a good starting point.

    As for the "inbetween meal snacks" watch the amount of fruit your are eating. I really reccomend getting a plan nailed in that you can follow day in and day out (switching stuff up if you want) but your body loves consistancy and to do this you really need to layout a plan.

    Vitamins look good, but I would try to get some more fiberouse veggies in there (brocolli and so on) because I didnt see any of em (just a possible salad..)

    Hope this helps a little and if you need anything further just ask away

  7. I will defeintly introduce more fiberouse veges in my diet. Try to cut out the Oj and take some extra vitamin C.

    I'll also cut down on the cardio a little. Sports are usually the cardio on off days.

    Just ran that excel file and i'm right around 3200 cals for the amount of activity I do. So I will cut it down to right around 2600 calories a day. Which seems so much easier to do now after trying to keep it at 2000.

    and a quick question. Every time I go to the gym I finish the visit with 30 minutes - 45 minutes on the tread mill. Am i going to lose more muscle mass because of this, or should I break up my cardio and do it hours after my weight training.

    Thanks for the great advice, now I just need to get my workout in order.

  8. A month is a pretty short time for fat loss.

    As Bobo says "fat loss is best to occur over a long period of time">

    Why are you trying to drop weight for an interview? What sort of interview is this?

    Cardio after lifting is fine.

  9. 30-45 min of cardio following workout is perfect dude, just dont go all out keep your heart rate at like 65% or so (you have already been doing this correct or are you going to start doing this?)

  10. Bump for telling us what the interview is for...

  11. Nothing special for the interview, but I sortof put all my eggs in one basket as I graduated from college in may and only interviewing with one company toyota to join there management team and manage a region for sales or service.

    Actually it's for a new soap opera......

    Getting in shape is something that will help complete me as a person. I'm blaming me being out of shape the reason why I strike out with the ladies (on top of the lack of game). Both of which I"m working on.

    My body reacts very quickly to a good diet and exercise so I would not be surprised to get down to 12% in a little over a month.

    on top of everything I just got out of a long term relationship (4 years) and If i get the job I'm going to be sent to california for at least a year, so I would like to go to the beach and look for something besides whales.

    Oh and I have been following up my weight lifting every time with 30-40 mins of cardio on the treadmill not eliptical anymore.

    I've been working out pretty strictly for the last two months and my diet is finally getting dialed in. Time to make the push.

  12. Just took my measurements
    5'9 207 Lbs
    Wrist size 7 3/8

    My Measurements 6/13/2006 3:17 PM
    Chest 43 7/8
    Waist 39 13/16 (blame the beer)
    Hip 38 15/16
    Bicep 15 5/16
    Forearm Left 12 Right 13
    Thigh Left 22 7/8 Right 21 3/4
    Calve Left 15 Right 15 1/2
    Neck 16

    And this is what I got from ideal body calculators

    Areas for improvement

    Chest 4 +
    Waist 6 -
    Hip 2 +
    Bicep 2+
    Forearm 1+
    Thigh 3 +
    Calf 1+
    Neck 1 +

    also looking at my food intake I was thinking a 20f, 40P, 40 carb anybody have any suggestions or comments?

  13. I'm just now looking into how i'm going to break up my intake.

    I'm thinking F20 P50 C30?

    I defiently don't want to lose much energy, but I do want to stay around 2300 calories or so a day, and if i start lacking in energy I'll up it to 2600 and up my carbs to 40 and protein 40.

    Any Suggestions?

  14. trial and error man. Only way to find out what works for your body is to try it and see how it does. Start off with a 50/30/20 as you stated and if you feel tired and so on up the carbs a little.

  15. thanks occ fan you've been the biggest help.

  16. just using what Ive learned from others around here (and some books )

  17. What books?

    I just checked out a couple from the library
    Cooking tasty healthy chicken
    and one workout book.


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