maybe a dumb question but..

  1. maybe a dumb question but..

    Hi guys can you tell me when doing measurements where do measure for your waist?? do you measure right around the belly button, right below, above the hips? Thanks everyone.

  2. It seems must people measure at belly button.

  3. Well it depends on if you're a male or female and also where you hold the weight...

    Usually across the belly button area as this is the widest point for most. Hips and such are usually added to the measurements for females.

  4. Doesn't really matter to be honest, if your just measuring to keep track of progress just make sure you measure the same spot each time.

  5. I think i'll just measure at the bellybutton as that is the easiest place to keep accurate track of as I am starting my ultra lipoderm next week and want to really keep track of progess. thanks for the reply's guys

  6. The real measurements is taken right below the torax cage and up from the waist bone. Which is usually higher than the belly button. I personnally measure it where my pants are tied. below the belly button. It's up to you.

  7. Whatever is smallest.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by flytrapcan
    Whatever is smallest.


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