benefits of t4 VS. t3

  1. benefits of t4 VS. t3

    I have been taking t3 for about 6 weeks and am about to come off. I've lost almost 18 lbs. I've been searching about t4 but havent come up with much on the pros and cons. i have heard the t4 is weaker but also safer. I am looking for some insight or personal experience.thanks again:bb3:

  2. Check Dr. D's posts. T4 has to convert to T3, or at least a percentage of it does. I don't really understand the T4 usage, maybe I'll go search as well

  3. ooooh this is worth a bump

  4. I am taking T4 & Clen for a cutting cycle with M TRN and Zol at the moment.

    I've never taken T3 so can't compare but it is working very well now. It took a long while to kick in though, for 9 days I did'nt feel any different dispite ramping up from 1 - 6 tablets over 6 days. I even made a post on here asking for any experiences with T4 as I was beggining to think my tablets were bunk!

    Soon after day 9 I began to notice increased sweating and flushed feeling which increased in intensity over the the following couple of days, so much so actually that I dropped the dose back down to 5 tablets (500mcg) which I have been on for since that point. I believe this may be one of the main differences in that T4 takes a while to accumulate to an effective level in the body.

    Once I realised it had fully kicked in, I threw some clen into the mix which has been working very well, dropped 8 pounds in the last 2 weeks with no loss of strength. Keeping clen dose low though as the T4 seems to really amplify the effect!

    The only real side I have experienced from T4 is excessive sweating and flushed face at times, not noticed racing heart or anything else concerning.



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