Weight Loss for wife ( ladies any help ? )

  1. Weight Loss for wife ( ladies any help ? )

    My wife is trying to lose weight and tone up. She and I have both cleaned up our diets and I am making alot of good progress , but she is having some trouble, Well, not trouble, just not the results she wants to see as fast as she wants to see them. She is 33 yrs old, and we have two beautiful little girls. Like I said, she has cleaned up our diet, and has started working out at the gym with me. She is mostly doing cardio.
    Eliptical machine for 20 mins 3 times a week and treadmill for 15 mins at a fast pace 3 times a week, plus we go for a bike ride with our girls about two to three times a week for about 1 mile. Since the 29th of May, she has already lost about a 1/4 to 1/2 an inch in places. She is wanting to lose her baby fat on her stomach that most women get when they have there second child. This is a troubled area for her. Also, she is wanting to clean up her hips and thighs and butt. She is 4'10" tall, and weighs 116lbs. I have also talked her into doing some weight training ( light weights high reps ) with me.
    She was weighing about 100 to 105 before she had our second child, and she would like to return to that weight. I told her to be patinet and it would happen.
    She does not take any thing to help her burn fat, So, I told her I would ask around on here what you would recommend to go along with everything else she is doing. What supplement would you recommend ? ( Hope its ok to ask this ? If not, let me know, and I will remove it. ) She is still a very beautiful woman and very sexy to me , But she is not happy with how she looks just yet, So I am just looking to help her , so any help would be appreicated.

  2. Anyone.... Just curious as to what if anything else I should get for her to try.


  3. I am not a women, but a very light fat burner like basic cuts, perhaps some sesamin also would give a good push. Doing weights WILL help greatly because they are more active. The more mass you have, the more your body burns at rest. Tell her to do a little more weights, and she will see results!

    Tell her good luck!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jjohn
    I am not a women, but a very light fat burner like basic cuts, perhaps some sesamin also would give a good push. Doing weights WILL help greatly because they are more active. The more mass you have, the more your body burns at rest. Tell her to do a little more weights, and she will see results!

    Tell her good luck!

    Remind her that she looks great. Her weight may not change if she is adding weights, she will increase LBM and lose fat and possibly increase in weight. This can be discouraging for many trying to lose weight and not focusing on losing fat.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Stinger124
    Anyone.... Just curious as to what if anything else I should get for her to try.

    I would have her try Sesamin or Melting Point. Also bump to Brent's advice...sometimes just the knowledge that you love her will help her perception.

  6. To lose only 10 lbs of fat one should not need any special suppplementation besides dietary supplements (vitamins and EFAs). One to two pounds of fat loss per week is what the human body can do without sacrificing too much lean body mass. She may, however, not care too much about that.

    If she just started weight lifting, muscle mass should increase rapidly (relatively speaking; compared to later in her active lifestyle). Don't worry, it takes a long time to "bulk up." Many women are hesitant to do weights because they don't want to be muscular. Trust me, building the muscles greatly enhances the female figure in all the right places and it takes many years to get to a point where she may consider herself "too muscular."

    Besides that, diet is pretty much the same for both men and women, as our bodies are mostly identical. Results are all in the discipline of the diet. Even the smallest cheat will hamper your results more than you might think.

    I would suggest trying a low carb diet. I'm trying a keto diet right now and really like it . It will allow her body to use fat as the primary fuel source.

  7. Hey... Thanks for the advice guys.

    She knows I love her, We just renewed our wedding vows 6 months ago on our 10yr wedding anniversary. Plus I tell her all the time with flowers and little notes and things.

    She seems to have lost all her muscle, yet I do not know how or if that is at all possible. She carries our 4 yr old little girl around . Not sure if the weight or fat has covered up the muscle or what, but it just does not seem to be there anymore . I told her that we need to build up some muscle again because it will help burn calories better.
    She is just very impatient, and wants its off NOW ...lol,
    But I told her it did not show up over night so it will take alittle time to get rid of it. And like I said, she is still a very beautiful woman, but I understand her wanting to lose the extra weight.
    Here is what she looks like , This was taken last summer, and she has gained a few more pounds or inches around the hips and butt. Like I said to, she has no more muscle definition in her arms or legs anymore. So this is what she has asked me to help her with.
    I told her that getting back to the weights would help bring back the muscle definition that she is looking for, but it was gonna take a clean diet and cardio to lose the weight.

    This was last summer when we went camping in July.

    And this is what she is wanting to get back to. She was 102 to 105 here. I know it does not show much of her figure, but it sure is a sexy pic..

    She will probably kill me when she sees that I posted this pic..

  8. That last picture is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL - either way though - post her diet - hour by hour, meal by meal...

    Also, figure out her daily caloric needs with the Harris Benedict formula - if you'll get that stuff posted we can start making some progress....

  9. Fog hat, I will give you a snap shot of what she eats a day.

    Morning - 1 cup of yogart, Or 1 bowl of oatmeal.

    maybe a apple or a banana at about 9AM

    Lunch .. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich or just noodles with cheese ( not the best things to be eatting, but better than she used to eat )

    Supper- 1 helping of fish or chicken, a salad and fruit and veggies.

    Hope that helps some.

    Our diet used to be fast foods at least two to three times a week, or fried food two to three times a week, and then the dreaded Ice Cream right before bedtime

  10. my wife just had our second child and she is back to pre preganancy weight already on our first child it took her like 2 years. The main thing is she is doing MAD MAD cardio I mean 40-60 min 4-5x a week imo your wife needs to really up her cardio. Also both my wife and I have had good success with topical yohimbine products various brands over the years. That would probablly help her target her problem areas. Also make sure she ups her meals you got to eat more to lose weight my wife had a hard time grasping that concept

  11. OK, she needs to split those up into more meals; try 6 per day, with none after about 3 hours before bed. That will help bump the metabolism up. She should feel only satisfied after each meal, not full. You need to switch to a constant "snack" mentality, and unlearn to eat "meals."

    Lose the yogurt and fruit (too much sugar). In fact, I would suggest cutting all sugar from a cutting diet. It simply has no use except perhaps post workout. Only combine protein and carbs in the morning, then starting in the afternoon only combine protein and fats. For example, for the last meal she (well, you too, you're on a diet too right ) could have a chicken breast and peanut butter. Teach her about or have her read up on the Glycemic Index and only eat carbohydrate foods on the lower end of the spectrum. Every meal should have a protein portion of at least 20 grams (using her weight as a guide, for us guys it's more).

    Obviously, NO fast food. I would even go so far as to say no eating out; I don't when cutting. That way you can completley control your diet.

    I'd put her on about 1500 calories per day. You could do either a 40/40/20 split or a low carb diet depending on if she wants to dedicate this diet completely to fat loss (low carb) or wants to sacrifice some fat loss speed to gain some muscle and cardiovascular endurance (40/40/20). I would suggest starting with a low carb diet mentality (ketogenic) for a few weeks so she can see some quick results on the scale and in the mirror and be encouraged to continue. Then, gradually merge into the 40/40/20 diet so she can become stronger and build muscle while continuing to lose fat, but at a slower pace (though a strict ketogenic diet will accomplish the same thing).

    Lastly, cardio should be done first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. I like to walk a treadmill at an incline at a quick, not fast, pace. She should do this for about 30-45 minutes 3-5 times per week. Use any weight program, the point now is to get her used to it and make it a routine.

    just some guidelines, others' repsonses may vary

  12. Hey everyone, Thanks for taking the time to respond to my questions. I will have her sit down and read this along with me.

    Thanks again.

  13. I def would reccomend sesamin & a mild stim to start such as basic cuts. I really like both products. Also you can't beat the good old EC stack but that might be a bit much for a supp newb. I would reccomend upping the cardio also.

  14. Good luck, and I am confident she will reach her goals.

  15. I would never advocate going below 1800 calories, but she is a short lady, so 1500 seems okay, but if she is going hungry, this is not good as it slows metabolism.

    I agree with upping the protein. Perhaps adding some eggwhite powder or cottage cheese to her oatmeal (it tastes better than it sounds). And those lunches def. need to be cleaned up. Again, go for lean protein like turkey wraps (buy the low carb ones, or better yet, wrap up turkey and low fat cheese in lettuce leaves and dip in mustard... these are a fave of mine)

    As far as supplementation goes, have her hold off on it until she cleans up her diet. If results are still lagging, I would suggest something not too drastic like Sesamin.

    If you want more ideas for healthier meals, I'd be happy to give them. I've been studying nutrition for god knows how long and as a woman, I understand her needs.


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