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  1. Not bad it was low by 79 cals from what I have mine calculated at

  2. Let's try this out and see if it works. BMR calculator ala excel spreadsheet.
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  3. I didn't knew I was burning all that! Let's EAT!!!LOL

  4. is this very accurate?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by STeGoR
    is this very accurate?
    Close enough. Everyone's body is slightly different so these are averages but your true rate isn't likely to be too far off.

  6. maybe i don't count my kcals strict enough. cause i mantain at 2500kcal aday the way ive been counting. what referances does everyone use. like fitday or

  7. Quote Originally Posted by STeGoR
    is this very accurate?

    It estimated mine pretty well. It went over maybe 300 cals but I have a slow metabolism.

  8. Pretty close for me, but still a bit off. Only @ 500 cals on the low side for me.

  9. I like anything that helps me justify in print 5,000 k/cals per day. That is with a 500 cal surplus. hehehehe

    I can only afford to sleep in a grocery store though...
    My The 1 LOG:

  10. it was close to mine. a little low but I have a high metabolism.


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