weight scale q

  1. weight scale q

    I've been trying to lose body fat (to accurately describe my goal) I'm eating healthy and eating in small frequent amounts.

    But I've gotten down to 201 lbs from 211 and it weighed in and it jumped to 206 lb.

    I know that a weight scale can screw with your head if you let it. I know that a doc said if you burn fat a bunch of water leaves with it.

    So I want to know what causes a weight scale to jump up and down like that? I'm bound and determined though to not let it mess with my head.

  2. Mc, I think regardless of what your goal is the weight scale should not be your tool of measure. Instead use your eye and the tape measure, a scale my give you a different reading but 12 inches will be 12 inches everytime.

  3. Dehydration going into rehydrating can cause changes in a 24 hour time period. Water retention, time of the day among other variables. Never adjust on one measurement or weight change. I allow a few days to go by and then judge from there. I would shoot up and down by 3-6 pounds some weeks within a 24-72 hour timespan. once I learned to not go nuts after seeing a weight change it made things easier and the weight kept coming off.

  4. yeah that's what I'm doing. I'm using a weight scale cuz I remember what weight I was when I was closest to my old and now new goal of bodyfat percentage.

    i haven't gone nuts over it I've remained level headed. And I'm determined to go ahead with the plan of cardio I started because I'm seeing results. I just wanted to know why it screws with alot of peoples heads.

    thanks for the info. if you guys have more please feel free to share.

  5. I agree with the others, the weight scale is a helpful tool but only one of many. I think you should weight yourself each day. First thing in the morning as a ritual, and plot it. I've been doing it for around 9 weeks now and with my diet and pretty much know where I should be weight wise each day. For example if it was a carb up day for me, I know that I will weight 2-3 pounds more the following morning, then maybe a pound additonal the following day, followed by back to ground zero and maybe some loss dependednt on my cardio. I also believe in measuring but only do it maybe once per month. Calips for fat testing is another good tool, but I haven't had the patience as yet to get a pair and train with them. Best of luck to you, stick with your program and reap the rewards



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