Caliper measurement

  1. Caliper measurement

    Just wondering if there is a wrong way of measuring with calipers. I have my own set from accu-fitness and it is suppose to click when it is the right reading. Question is, how exactly are you suppose to measure. I can pull the skin and measure a few different ways and get very different results. Just wondering if there is a set way of how to use the calipers. Trying to make sure I am doing this right

  2. I think the most important thing is consistency. Always use the precise same point, pinch the same amount of skin, and at the same angle. But, I feel that the "single site" measurement method described in the AccuMeasure instructions isn't the most accurate. There are other, multiple site, methods which I believe give more accurate results and are especially better if you don't store body fat evenly over all areas of your body. The down side to the multiple site tests is that you usually can't do them yourself. Measurement sites such as tricep, subscapular, axilla, etc. are difficult/impossible for a person to measure on themself. But if you have someone you can do measurements with, try this site:

    They have nice 3-site and 7-site calculators for men and women that make the calculation part very easy. It shows precise areas to measure and which direction to pinch (vertical, horizontal, angled). I also like the way it requires three measurements per site, so it can average out the measurement variabilities that you are concerned with.


  3. exactly what I was looking for. Countless google's and I still didn't find this. This is everything I wanted to know. reps for you!

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