P+C / P+F Diets

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    P+C / P+F Diets

    I have been reading about diets which comprise P+C & P+F meals.
    T-Mag recommends either a stagger approach or a taper approach consiting of 6 meals.
    ie stagger - P/C ; P/F ; P/C ; P/F ; P/C ; P/F.
    ie taper - P/C ; P/C ; P/C ; P/F ; P/F ; P/F.

    Does anyone have any experience as to which is best for a cutting diet with morning cardio & a late afternoon workout.

    I was thinking of the following:
    45 minutes of Low Intensity Cardio
    P/C - egg whites, whey, splash of milk, oatmeal
    P/F - salmon, whole egg
    P/C - chicken, whole apple, broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes
    P/F - whey, flax oil
    P/C - whey, dextrose
    P/C - chicken, oatmeal
    P/F - cottage cheese, flax oil, broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes

    I`m going farkin crazy trying to figure out the best way to structure it.
    What do you think?

  2. seems that tapering makes more sense, considering you get your pre and post workout carbs... and I'm thinking it would be even easier to sub ground oats instead of dextrose post w/o, and make that yer last carb meal. eh? and I guess if it were me, and I ate 4 times before my workout like you do, I'd do this (when using this method):

    Meal 1:P/F

    Meal 2:P/C (or P/F... if p-f I guess you're basically looking at a keto approach)

    Meal 3:P/F

    Meal 4:P/C (preworkout)


    Meal 5:P/C (low GI)

    Meal 6:P/F

    Meal 7:P/F

    you'll want more educated opinions, but there ya go

  3. Wheter you're bulking or cutting you have two choices.

    P/F before your workout, P/C up to 6 hours after your and P/F before bed.

    Or you can adapt it to your needs, concentrating your carbs when you need then the most.

    P/C breakfast, P/C pre-workout, and a couple of more P/C after workout.

    Check this out The Essential Berardi 

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