Fat loss tracking thread O mine.

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  1. Fat loss tracking thread O mine.

    Back in Jan. I was 238 with 42.5(ish) waist and 18inch arms flexed after a workout. I stand 5'8". I had a lot of strength but no endurance and a lot of body fat that did a lot of work on my ego. Had to wear even larger clothes than the normal fat guy. Lots of lower back issues among other things like sleeping without losing feeling in body parts was a chore,

    Depression kicked in due to all this and other things that made me pretty much give up all hope in getting to a healthy weight where I felt comfortable. Reading this board and speaking with various people on it gave me the incentive and motivation to at least give it a try and do it with the goal of accomplishing my goals in a way that allowed me to have a lifestyle I could continue on with and one that would produce healthy results.

    My goal is to reach a weight and BF% that will allow the sight of my abs and one that is reached I will do a long lean bulk to get to a 'size' i find both pleasing to me and comfortable to live with. I'm not even sure what these two weights will be but i'll know when I see it.

    I'd like to thank AM.com
    Pete Fox
    BP martyr
    Designer supps
    And many others. I'm sorry I couldn't list you all that helped but the ones(I know I'm missing some)above had talked to me in PM's and offered advice and resources and had their own obsticles they had overcome that I was able to use as strength to at least try to overcome mine...

    This is long, I know, but I wanted to show that the advice and information was listened to and followed with the best ability and intentions and that most importantly. It was appreciated.

    I haven't gone through a massive body recomp and i'm not a ripped BBr ready for a comp or a massive PL giant. But what I am is someone who gets up looking forward to working another day at reaching his goals and one who is able to tske his life back and place him back in control. And he's someone that's grateful that there were a bunch of people at a website that were willing to take the time out of their life and interupt their quest for knowledge and help a guy who wanted to know more but just needed a push. Thanks...

    So I guess it's time to post some progress pics

    Jan 238 42.5 waist 18 arms(pics from march where I was 233ish)

    In april I was in the 215-219 range 38+inch waist

    May at the beginning I was 205-209 with a 37 inch waist.

    Tonight 30 May 193 and 36 inch waist and 16 3/4 inch arms flexed after workout

  2. Not a huge undertaking or loss of fat or gain of muscle, I know I do feel good though and I am learning new things daily that i'm adding to my plans to bulk back up. This may take a while but I don't care. I'm enjoying myself and i'm happy that i'm getting to where I want to be and I have you all to thank.

  3. YOWZA!!!!!! Pretty amazing results!!!!!!!! Just think what you will look like in 3 more months pounding the iron

    You go!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wow!!!!

    Looking good bro! Very impressive. Its good to see all the hard work has been paying off, especially in such a short time.

    Now, if we could just do something about those tan lines.

  5. How am I not on that list?! JK!

    Awesome awesome progress sir.

  6. I know I forgot a lot of peopl but my eyes were forcing themselves shut while typing You have been a lot of help Brent. hehe, those tan lines are so damn aweful

  7. looking awsome dude you have made some seriouse progress.

    THat back double bi picture shows awsome definition starting to come out and looks like you have a ton of muscle underneath waiting to come out.

    This as been done with liting and cardio or just cardio? I just got a little confused reading some replys and wasnt sure.

    Awsome job man

  8. One thing that I love about this site is that on your down days you can log on here and know that others are having the same problems.
    Its good to know you are not on your own out there.
    Its also a motivator to see your pics and watch your progress, I think we all know we can achieve our goals if we stick to it.
    Well done on your progress Jayhawkk

  9. Great progress, keep up the good work!
  10. Thumbs up

    Damn Hawkster, I had no idea that you made such a transformation. Great job, keep it up. Do you have progression pics to share with us? We take pics monthly, it really helps because you don't want to rely on the scale as the barometer of progress. You are adding muscle while losing fat Nice job!

  11. Looks great keep it up.

  12. Hey, mod in training bra, I mean mod in training, good job even though I cannot see your pics, it could be from the blocking devices my comp has. Anyway keep up the good work, and get shredded man !!!

  13. Nice work Jayhawkk..You will look great after a few more months.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier
    Nice work Jayhawkk..You will look great after a few more months.
    So are you saying he doesnt look good now? (jk)

  15. Thanks guys I really appreciate it. As far what my routine was? It was complete diet change that started it and mostly weight training. I tried adding in cardio but felt the weight was coming off too fast so I stopped the cardio and added abs and lower back as a daily finisher.

  16. Wow that's an amazing job!!!!!! I was absolutely stunned when I saw the final pics!!!!!

  17. Current stats as of 03 June 06

    189 Pounds 35.75 Waist

    Figure i'll get another set of pics this coming weekend.

  18. Pitures still on hold. Took the damn things but kids decided to film movies of them watching tv and burnt out another set of batteries...

    Current stats as of June 13, 2006

    Waist 35.5 and 190 pounds...I can see the top two abs now
    I have got to get batteries

  19. Update June 19th pics

    188 35.25 Waist

  20. Looking fantastic, well done and keep up the good work.
    You must be really proud of yourself looking back on those pics to see how much hard work you have put in.


  22. Oh, now i'm at 193 and 35 inch waist. Think that's good news.

  23. I missed this thread earlier, but hell of a job Jay
    You've definitely made outstanding progress.

    (Pssssst! BTW, you have a toy motorcycle in the box, hanging on the wall )

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf
    (Pssssst! BTW, you have a toy motorcycle in the box, hanging on the wall )
    I sent a PM to you Jay, don't know if it'll go through or not as I'm not sure of your board status. You've indicated you're a law enforcement official of some kind. Blatant uncensored pics like these on a board like this, whether you use illegal substances or not, probably isn't the best idea. I'd do some editing and blacking out if I were you and then repost.

  25. Thanks for the heads up man, it's appreciated.


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