I am lying to myself every day

  1. I am lying to myself every day

    Ok guys I am sorry I sucked in my gut when I took those here is the real ones and from when I was on superdrol the ones where i look good r old the ones where i look like a pig r today... I really have to laugh not to cry... I dont know what to do... The ONE bright side is I am strong this 2nd time being a fat kid... I dumbell pressed 80'sx8 today, and 2 days ago I leg pressed 770x8... So with that being said, and my desperation to fix my stuff, what do you suggest??? In terms of how much cardio, supps... Diet everyone has told me so you need not waste more time I appreciate all of you.
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  2. Umpire, you weren't ready to take SD but, you already knew that. However, that is not really the point. The point is you should start being completely honest with yourself, guage where you are at truly in terms of where you want to be, and then set realistic goals. If you start becoming painfully honest with your diet, down to the last calorie you'll set yourself on the road where you won't have to suck in your gut, or turn to anabolics for quick answers.

  3. Hey ump, I really hope you took my suggestions I gave you during our chat. From the sounds of it you need to just slow down and relax. You have years upon years to make gains, the problem with situations like your case, using Superdrol shortly after turning 20, is people think instant gratification is the best solution and by whatever means possible.

    Slow down and read and read and read. You don't need supplements, they are just that supplements.

    Also from the looks of it, there is a possibility that you either made gyno worse or got gyno from using Superdrol with improper PCT. But, it may just be fat.

    Get your diet straight, read the posts in the forum of Fat loss. And spend a lot of time on this board reading:


  4. Ahh im so unhappy.... I feel helpless, that I am not capable of becoming what I want (cut up and kinda big), naturally... I really need a mentor I think. None of my friends lift, and the people who give me advice a lot also sell me my products so thats a big conflict of interest (although I do trust them)....

  5. Also, I highly recommend you end your current cycle and concentrate on more important aspects. Save it for the future.

  6. 1. Clean that mustard or whatever that yellow stuff on your face is, didn't your buddy taking the picture warn you about it!?

    2. You may think I am an a5shole for saying this, but WTF were you doing on Superdrol. Sorry bro but you do not look like you were needing superdrol, not at the physique level shown in your photos. Looks like you have plenty of room to grow naturally. How old are you? Looks like you are living in a dorm room, which might place you around 19-21?

    Anyways, I dunno how long ago your superdrol cycle ended, but I hope you are (or did) follow up with proper PCT to keep whatever gains you made. Also, I don't think you look like a fat pig, some extra cardio should clean you up pretty quickly.

  7. In terms of cardio, how much and at what intensity? I feel the turning point in my downfall was when I started doing 1 hour cardio sessions 5x a week.. I also started doin light weights/high reps which ending up becoming light weights/not so high reps when I got weaker.. I would eat chinese food every day, general tsos and pork fried rice... I eat like 2 icecreams a day. Its a problem not really bodybuilding related, lets just leave it at that... But assuming I can fix it, I dont know how much cardio to do. From what I read, to keep the muscle that is well hidden, I need to lose 1-2 lbs of fat/week
    my friend says take 20mg of glutamine too. idk im lost.
    btw chicks dig guys with mustard on their face.

  8. wow Umpire. Get ready to be banned.

  9. Ump, you are pretty lost man. But I will reiterate something that has already been told to you by the moderators, stop posting about anabolics, or you will be banned. Now, onto the other facets of this situation. It would seem you need to restructure your whole concept on Diet and Training. These are a few links you should look at, along with other research allow these stickies to form the basis of what will become your new found perspective on BB'ing. Honestly, you have been mislead in many ways. I think it would benefit you immensely to start complete over in more than one sense. Reinvigorate your life with a new attitude about Diet and Exercise and allow that to carry over into other facets of your life. Hopefully to the point where you can gain a sense of true accomplishment. As I imagine you will be banned, please take the time to study the links I posted below.


    What is a "good diet"?


  10. i am really, really sorry I did not realize what the mod meant but now I do, I promise I understand now and that it will never happen again I would be crushed if I get banned please, have mercy.

  11. Man you have got to cut out that sugar and refined carbs out of your diet. If you stop eating that crap you will see a big difference. It's hard to stop eating junk, but trust me stop for awhile. When you have stopped and you go back to eating junk, you will notice that you feel like tee-total ****.

    Check into the GI index and eat foods with a low glycemic rating. Avoid crap like sugar, white flour, white rice, etc. That is the first step, get that insulin and blood sugar under control and scale back your calories a bit.


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