Is this better???

  1. Is this better???

    I had a 64 g protein shake at 12 pm...

    at 230 I was on the run I had a turkey sandwich with cheese on white bread from 7/11.... I know

    At 10:00 I had a turkey wedge with mustard on white, extra turke

    at 1:00 I had the same thing as 10...

    I know the gap between 2:30-10 is bad... It was unavoidable today unfortunatly.. I will go get chicken breasts tomorrow to precook but I want to know from a nutritional standpoint, did I do it better.. Guys thanks a million. I cant wait until I can help people too

  2. Well, no. The description of turkey wedge with white bread etc says to me you bought some kind of store prepped sammitch. YOu can buy the flavored tuna pouches that are drained that you can keep in your pocket if you have to go that long without eating. Stay the **** away from white bread man. Get some real wheat bread and not the whole wheat that's just enriched flour.

    You still have a good bit to go on getting that diet down.

  3. Ok I apparently am obsessed bc im responding like 1 minute after u but it wasnt premade it was from a pizza store idk if that makes any diff

  4. YEah, same thing. Basically you're cramming crap food down your throat.

  5. Hey man, just check the ingredients. If it says something like 'Stone ground wheat flour' or 'whole wheat flour' then that is what you are looking for. If it says 'enriched flour' then stay away, because that means the wheat has been highly processed, and then *ta-da* enriched with nutrients to try and make up for what was stripped during processing. However, you'll still be missing the fiber, and your colon will be sad for it

    Read, read, and read some more on here, and you'll get the hang of things pretty quick.



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