Protein Limits - How much is too much?

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    I know the standard for protein intake for anabolic effects is aprox. 16-21g of protein per lb. of bodyweight. But, is there ever too much protein? like if someone is so protein-rich that they consume a whopping 50g of protein per lb. of bodyweight? And what would be the side effects of too much protein?

  2. Too many variables, such as metabolism, workout routine, etc. You are WAY, WAY off on amount! 1-1 1/2 grams per lb lean mass is plenty for most natural trainers, even on ph. The big pros use 2 gms+ per lb.

  3. 16-21? Where did you get that.?.. if I ate 20g of protein per lb, I would be consuming 4000 grams of protein per day which comes out to a whopping 16,000 calories from protein alone. You are definitely misinformed. Benz gave you the stardard amount, thats a good number to go with.

  4. well... between the "bone growth" pills and 8 metric tons of protein daily, I'm expecting us all to be whopping GIANTS in no time flat... you may want to brush up on a few things Technics

  5. oh crap, my bad, i confused this with something else. i meant 1-2g per lb. honestly lmao, i was probably thinking of something else sorry. But what would the side effects be if its above standards?
    ( i was thinking of calories, just remembered lol )

  6. IMO All the sides that are commonly stamped on excessive protein consumption are just not true but you simply can't use that much so don't worry about it. Stick to 1.5 grams per pound and you'll be fine.


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