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    Hello All iam new to Anabolic minds. Iam here to try to find a way to cut weight with diet and supplements. I was injured about two years ago and i have now received an ok to train. Does anyone know of any new suppliments out there that will help me cut weight and not make me feel like garbage.

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    Welcome aboard!

    If you havent trained for awhile, get your diet and training back in check before jumping into supplements. Supplements are exactly what the definition means: to supplement you in your training. Go at it for a couple months, then look into adding something.

    Also, search around the board, and you should find numerous products that can help you achieve your goals.
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    Ok, basic rule:
    Calories in = calories out, weight maintains.
    Calories in < calories out, weight loss.

    If you post some stats, height/weight/activities, etc I can work out your calorie intake requirement.
    Other than that, try to stick to 40/40/20 protein, carb, fat ratios through the day and you should start seeing results.
    Also if you want to post an example food intake day we can help you see if its ok.

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