Extreme Endo
approx 23% BF

My macro breakdown for my CKD looks like this

roughly 2600kcal

at a ratio of 38/2/58 (P/C/F)

Ive been doing research and many people really reccomend trying to get 60% of your cals from the fats. So i went to fit day and did it up.

Here we go:

Breakfast 8am

4 whole Eggs

.5 cup of Ground Beef

Lunch 12pm

1 cup of chicken

1 cup of spinach

3 TBS of Ranch dressing

1 slice of swiss cheese

Pre-Workout (3:30)

Scoop of ATW Mint

1 cup of Spinach

.5cup of GB

2 TBS of Ranch

Workout (4-515)

Post Workout (525-530)

1 cup of Broccoli

Slice of Swiss cheese

1 cup of chicken

1 egg

Dinner 730

.5 cup of Ground Beef

2 whole eggs

2TBS of Ranch

1 cup of Spinach

1 slice of swiss

Before Bed

1 scoop of ATW Mint

3g of CLA

Now this was the easy part, doing this part of the diet. I have done the low carb diets but i need a little help with the carb up portion.

during this diet i will do 3 days of full body training
and three days of HIIT

train,hiit,train,hiit,train,hi it, rest.