For those wishing to take their body to the next level I have constucted what i think to be the near perfect diet.

It is monotonus, but quite palatable, convienient and easy to follow

The base of this diet consists of two very specific biotech products, dreamfields pasta and enovA COOKING OIL.

tO SIMPLIFY each product( dont want to turn this into a science lesson
Dreamfields pasta is semolina pasta that has been wrapped in layers of a special fiber called inulin. it takes the body a long time to unrwrap these fibers and hence this product has an extremely low glycemic index and yeilds only five grams digestable carbs and aprox half the cals of regular pasta. The taste is indistinguishable to regular pasta(all my freinds think the taste is superb, not one person has disliked it)

Enova oil from japan is a cooking oil that has the taste and usability of a good cooking oil, but the functionality of a medium chain tryglyceride. the body breaks in down quicker than a triglyceride(what most oils and fats are) and it can be used by the liver to produce energy much like a carbohydrate.

"the perfect meal"

all one must do to create a very easy meal is cook the pasta( half a box can be cooked in the microwave and comes out good if done for fifteen minutes in a plastic container with water) then after pasta is cooked simply pour a capful of the enova, or however much is desired. add whatever spices your want i like garlic and oregano, and any very lean grilled meat. lastly one can add if wanted any green vegtable that they desire.

here is the break down of an example meal that is as quick and easy as it gets:

1 half box dreamfields pasta
1 cap full or 2 -4 servings enova oil
1/2 lb bonless skinless ff chicken
garlic powder 1 table spoon
oregano 1 table spoon
seasoned salt 1 teaspoon
4-8 oz frozen spinach

How to prepare "easy way" one half container of dreamfields into microwave safe container fill container with warm water until pasta is completley covered, microwave on high for 15 minutes

2.pour finished pasta in strainer to drain , then place back in original container

3.pour in capful of enova*this dish is similar in taste to pasta and olive oil*

4. grill chicken until fat is drained on a george forman grill(20 bucks at most stores, it is an awsome investment)the grilling can be done while the pasta is cooking. cut chicken up into desired size pieces

5. cook spinach in the microwave until completely cooked

6. throw chicken and spinach into pasta and mix with fork or spoon

7 store in plasric container

makes between 2-4 meals depending on your hunger and caloric goals.

this can of course be cooked in the more tradition sense but me and everyone that has tried the easy cook method loves it.

This will provide 3 of your six meals a day the other 3 could simply be protein shakes .example

Meal 1: protein shake 1-2 scoops

meal 2asta

meal 3rotein shake 1-2 scoops

meal 4asta

meal 5rotein shake 1-2 scoops

meal 6 pasta

follow this every day, as consistently and replace with regular health meal when needed
I know this is a monotonus plan but it is as filling as you can gen for the positive effects i feel it can yeild on body composition

lastly supplement recomendations
1.Stimerex ES(ephedrine based fat burner, if legal in your state, it's simply the best)
2.Anagen or Jungle warfare
3.any high qualit and cheap whey protein
4. obvioulsly a complete multivitamin
5. low cal fruits and veggies( to fill in the gaps of a multi

enova and dreamfields can both be found at acme or genaurdis and i would assum most large super markets.

adjust calories to you own individual goals and liking

lastly good luck