Ensure question

  1. Ensure question

    I went to my doc today. Over the weekend I rehurt my knee. I went and saw him yesterday. He said that I have a peice of my right petella that has broken off. He said that the best thing to do is remove it.

    This is where my issue comes into the picture. I am 281lb when I saw him. He would like me to lose at least 50lb asap. Now I cant go to the gym anymore and walking is out of question. So he suggested drinking Ensure shakes.

    Does anybody have anythign to add to this, good or bad? I would like to get some other people comments.

  2. I'm going to assume that a stationary bike is out of the question, so you could try the machine that you peddle with your arms, rowing may be a lot less impact on your knee and you could just bend at the waiste if it hurts too much to move your legs.

    Also, you could (and I hate to think about this) just try working out your upper body a few times a week.

    All the ensure will do is put you on an extremely low cal diet, and if you are willing to loose a lot of muscle in the process then that could be the way to go.

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