tweaking my cut this year opinion anyone?

  1. tweaking my cut this year opinion anyone?

    this year i'm tryin to get handle mastering my cutting phase. thought i throw it up on the board and what you lads and lass's could help me with thanks...

    my stats:

    i'm doing no cardio on my lifting days yet. on off days i'm doing 30 minutes of low intensity cardio twice a day.
    calories 2060
    macro 40/40/20
    my typical meals: (just an example)

    meal1 1/2 cup of oatmeal/ or 1cup of whole wheat pasta.
    24 oz of skim milk.

    meal2 preworkout meal

    meal3 postworkout meal

    meal 4 lean meat or poultry.
    9 or 16 oz. of frozen veggie.

    meal 5. lean meat or poultry
    1/2 cup of all bran cereal.

    meal 6: 2 cups of cottage cheeses/or 24oz of skim milk.

    as for supps: melting pointing/ sesathin/ fish oil/whey/multivitamin.

    i'm a horrible endo, so 18% BF is good for me before a cut.. just want to just trying get rid of this powerlifter's gut.

    also you guys/gals youthink i should add some hiits in there? i'm more concern about the type of cardio i should be doing this year. then my diet... anyways
    thanks for the help if any

  2. You are going to get a lot of varying replies on HIIT vs Low Intensity cardio - I soend hours reading every day (yer I need more hobbies!) and people seem dead set on one or the other.

    My take for what it is worth, and what I done very effectivley myself:

    On training days, do 45-60 mins low intensity cardio in the morning on an empty stomach, keep it low/medium and don't have BCAA/Protein before - your body will use this as energy, very expensive energy in the case of XTEND! Morning cardio also raises your metabolic rate early in the day meaning more calories burned. After your weights do 20-30mins of low intenstiy cardio, the intense effort of lifting the weights will have released fatty triglycerides into the blood stream, these will reattach to the adipose tissue if not burnt so make use of the oppourtunity - also promotes recovery.

    On cardio only days if you decide to do HIIT then do some low intensity work after just for 15mins or so for the same reasons. I mix it up between HIIT and Med Intensity middle distance runs, I normally go for a 4 - 6 mile jog, works well for me and I find it more enjoyable which is half the battle sometimes. I'm definatly not sold on the Sprinter vs Marathon runner debate, people who use that to determine that HIIT is better and less catabolic are not looking at the bigger picture imo!

    If you are cutting I wouldn't have the bran in meal 5. I know it is good carbs, but it is just coming a bit late in the day imo. What is your PWO meal? My take on this is that if you are an athlete/bulking/training next day or at maintenace then a shake with around 50g carbs (ground oats) and 30g protein is good - however if you are cutting then it maybe beneficial to just have a protein shake, my reasoning here is that there is no immediate need to replace muscle glycogen in readiness for more training, and this will be replenished adequetly if your nutrition is in order by your next sess'.

    Go for Cottage cheese rather than Skim Milk, you'll get the thermic effect from whole food.

    How many %/Lbs are you trying to loose and in what time scale are you trying to do it in? If you have time hold of the supps for a bit, they will come in more handy when weight loss slows down imo, if you chuck the kitchen sink at it then you limit what you can add when fat loss slows and you'll end up running more miles than Paula Radcliffe in an attempt to keep it going. Little and often and slowly build up.

    If you are in a hurry and a kitchen sink type kinda guy, then bear in mind Melting Point will bloat you, so don't get downhearted if it doesn't appear that you are loosing anything - you may need to half your doseages of MP and Sesathin if using both, and may need some Pottassium if MP starts to cramp you up.

    The biggest and simplest tip I can give though is eat little and often and drink a feck load ice cold water. Costs nothing and works very well.

  3. thanks for the input markio mate.. i not cutting down too much in my bodyfat.. i'll i'm hoping to go down too 12 or 15% BF this time around... i'm in no hurry markio. basically whatever i get in two /three months in this cut what i get.. as the my supps, i'm not taking them together. i'm gonna cycle one and wait two weeks and start the others.. i've been cutting for two weeks now... i'm losing about 1 to 1.5 lbs a week... which is what i'm looking for.. the thing that fecks me up is trying to find what range of cardio work the best for me... i have used medium intensity cardio in the pass.. running a mile at 5MPH at th 3% incline... and walking the rest at 3.5 MPH the rest of the cardio session.. but that seems to eat at my muscle... in my opinion.. HIIT in my opinion doesnt work to well for me... i like you have spent hours reading on the subject of cardio...driving me ****ing nuts.. thanks

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