ENDO's, come one, come all.

  1. ENDO's, come one, come all.

    Ok, first off screw calorie caluclators. Here are my stats.

    roughly 23% BF.

    I went to a website and they told me for my lifestyle (active) and my size that I should be taking in about 4,200kcal a day. If I ate 4200 calories a day, i would blow up. What they dont realize is that if i even look at a milkshake, my a$$ would jiggle for a week.

    Any other endos in here have a caloric range i should shoot for?

    3x-weight training a week
    3x-20 minutes of HIIT a week, on seperate days of course

    Im going to be doing another round of a CKD also.

  2. Well according to my calculations you are roughly 211lbs of Fat free mass, (LBM)which is great. If I were you I would shoot for a range of 2110-2500 kcals or so. Macros up to you as you might be cool with a 40/40/20 split, as most employ.

  3. yeah the above sounds good to me. I would high ball it a little bit though and see how fast the weight reduction is. You don't want to starve yourself right off the bat and burn muscle. Make sure your frequency of meals is high (6 intakes a day) and remember that protein is thermogenic so it will help keep your metabolism blazing.

  4. thanks for the input apower, i was thinking along the lines of maybe 2700kcal. I think any lower and i would be dead. im gonna alternate between a 40/40/20 and a 50/30/20

  5. i agreed with apowerz6 right on the ball..i'm an endo too socrates44 so i'm i there with ya...2700cal is not a bad idea.

  6. You could def 2100kcals the thing you dont realize is that "Clean" healthy foods are not always that caloricly dense. For instance a chicken breast a 8oz chicken is only 1 cup is only 275 kcals. 8 oz is your standard chicken breast. Make a recipe at Fitday, and then tell me how much food you will be eating.


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