Albuterol & Ketotifen doseages

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  1. alright ill register tomorrow night and get on that

  2. Quote Originally Posted by ktw
    At 16mg its really melting the stomach area fat away, can't wait to try 20 out. I also like that I feel absolutely no sides what so ever except the ability to do a **** ton of cardio. Ex is there any way to contact you, maybe on another board?
    I'm ordering Subutamol (Albuterol) (4mg tabs) to do a 5 weeker. I would like a quick critique of my proposed doseages and timing.

    Me: 28, 5'8", male, mesomorph, BBing for 14 yrs..

    The Subutamol will be taken 3x per day (early morning: ~6:30am, Noon, then 6pm). This ok?

    The Benadryl will be taken in the evening starting week 3 and going til end of week 5: Time: 6pm? Should I split this doseage up? If so, please advise.

    Subutamol: Week 1 & 2: 12mg, Week. 3 & 4: 16mg, Week 4: 20mg
    Benadryl: Week 3-5: 50mg

    Thanks bros. I hope your Alb. went well!

  3. 12mg is a fairly low dose for me. If it works for you though enjoy.

  4. Ya this is my first cycle and I'm currently at 20mg a day, 12 really did not do anything.


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