My new diet plan!!

  1. My new diet plan!!

    Ok, im currently refeeding 3000 calories from a slowed metabolism from dropping cal too low. Im 5'11 192 pounds around 18% bodyfat. When i start back cutting i was thinking of starting around 2500 calories. Opinions after that are welcome, as to keeping calories same and increasing cardio every week, or lowering calores after certain week, or lowering carbs after certain week. please im only concerned with calories and macronutrients i know what to eat i just need to figure out my cutting plan as far as calories, carbs, and cardio.

  2. Need more information
    Give us a breakdown of your carb/protein/fat plan.
    What type of cardio are you planning and how many times a week.
    Couple of example daily diets would be good to.
    We can help you from there.

  3. ill be doing a 50/30/20 ration of protein, carbs, fats with 420 cal per meal 6 meals totaling 2520 cal per day. is that sound good for starting a cut. ill be weight lifting 4-5x per week and want everyones opinion on how much cardio to start out with.

  4. If you are new to regular cardio, then you can either break in gently with a 10-20 minute elliptical/treadmill warm up before you lift.
    The other option is have individual cardio sessions 3x a week for at least 30 minutes.
    I like the elliptical/treadmill as you burn many more calories per minute than a bike, but if you are not used to such intensity then you may want to start with the bike and move up to the others with time.
    Your calorie intake is about right for your stats if you are cutting.

  5. for cardio i like to do the stair stepper because it burns the most calories in the fewest time. also im going to do intense runs, rest a tad, then hit it hard again till i burn atleast 300 calories.

  6. PWO cardio and Empty Tank Cardio


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