Whey Protein taste like ....

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  1. Whey Protein taste like ....

    I have been drinking my whey protein with 2% milk, and it taste great.. But since I did my SD cycle, I got some fat on my obliques and I was told to try my protein with milk.. Woooooo...
    Now thats some nasty stuff... I am gonna try to get some skim milk, but I have heard that it still taste nasty with it...
    If it taste as nasty as it did with water, I think I will go back with my 2% milk... And try to cut my fat intake else where...

    Now my question is ....
    My wife was asking me if I could take it with like some kinda juice.. Or koolaid.. I do not know.. Has anyone or is anyone else doing this ??? I would really like to cut the fat out of my diet as much as possible... But not sure I can stomach this water and protein any longer... Any suggestions are welcome...

    Thank you..

  2. I wouldnt suggest taking it with kool aid, just because of all the sugar and stuff thats usually in juices, kool aid and whatnot. IMO, simple sugars are horrible when trying to cut. So I wouldnt suggest doing it with this either. Just suck it up, and take it with water.

  3. I take mine with skim milk and love it. I just have things like Nat PB and oats in there too.

  4. Yeah... Did not think about the sugar ... But I think I will try the skim milk first before the water... lol.

    I drink one at work,and dont have a blender... Just a good ole spoon... so it would not mix all that stuff together that well...

  5. What I do with my whey protein

    2 bananas
    enough ice cubes to get a smoothy consistency
    1.5 servings of vanilla whey protein
    1/2 cup of oats
    cherry creatine
    endurance workout supplement
    If I have any other fruit 2 that is added

    All mixed with 1/3 of a gallon of 2%, but that will be skim next time I go shoppin

  6. Someone please make me the official AM Spell Checker

    Skim milk for my whey shakes. Water and protein only works for Scivation WPI. (Of course there are others.)

  7. Just drink it with water ya pansy!!!!

    Seriously though, it always amazes me when I switch back and forth from milk to water how quickly my palate gets used to the new taste....usually within a week. Then, when I go back to using milk it tastes TOO rich and creamy, and I have to get used to that all over again.....

    Maybe try to gut it out for a week with water and see if you get used to it (helps if the water/shake is seriously ICE COLD)...

    Good luck man....

  8. Out of curiosity, What kind of protien do you use?

    (Sorry for the double post)

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Brent
    Someone please make me the official AM Spell Checker

    Skim milk for my whey shakes. Water and protein only works for Scivation WPI. (Of course there are others.)
    Hehehe...Amen to that brother, someone needs the job....

  10. sweet flavors like chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, etc dont taste nearly as good in water. however, fruit flavored protein is much better in water for the most part. banana and strawberry sometimes go better in milk but look and syntrax's nectar line. other options are substance in grape or watermelon or I pro from ergopharm. all these protein powders are pleasant in water. if you want something cheaper get a blend, i like dymatize elite whey pina colada and berry blast in water. also, they do make sugar free kool aid which IMO is fine to mix with protein. crystal light would be another option to mix protein in for taste.

  11. Right now , I am using 100% On whey.. The stuff is great with milk.. Its great just as a everyday drink.. I like it..

    I agree with the really cold water.. I guess If I can choke down Nolva or clomid, I can drink this with water.

    Thanks again for all your comments.. I do appreicate it...

  12. How about you either suck it up (sorry had to get that out there) or switch to a decent tasting protein shake?

    try dymatize elite whey. Some good flavors. Or allthewhey. you can always add splenda or whatever if its a sweetness issue but at some level you just have to realize that not everything tastes like candy.

  13. [QUOTE=Scottyo]How about you either suck it up (sorry had to get that out there) QUOTE]

    I hear ya... But it does not hurt to ask for info.. Gotta ask to see if others are doing something different.

    Ok, I'm gonna go suck it up now...

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Stinger124

    Ok, I'm gonna go suck it up now...

    hope your talking about your protein......

  15. You know... For some reason, I knew I should have clarified what I was talking about... You bunch of perverts.. Yep... I was talking about the whey protein.... Not the other kinda protein...

  16. Tyy Beverly NUtrtion Protein, it taste like the real thing. I am 6 days out of a show and I drink chocolate and cookies and cream with water. They both are terrific crushed in a blender with some ice.

  17. Like everything else. With the water thing....you get used to it.
    I do it all the time now. I just do the skim milk thing for a treat sometimes.

  18. Get substance!!!! Tastes like CANDY!

  19. Yeah but god damn, Nectar and Substance are so frigging expensive.....

    Hey stinger, try using one scoop of Allthewhey with one scoop of your ON...Because ATW has (I think) thickeners in it and it makes it thicker and richer than if you use the ON by itself....But for me, the ATW by itself is just too thick.....Give it a try, see if it helps.....

  20. Thanks Guys for the help and info...Wife is getting me some skim milk tomorrow.. Will see how that turns out..

  21. I started out with water, and now when I have it with milk its like an extra treat. Also, I've noticed that when I drink 2% milk now its like I'm drinkig a glass of cream.

    Whatever you do, don't try eating powder by the spoonful. It seemed like a good idea at the time...

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Tighe
    Whatever you do, don't try eating powder by the spoonful. It seemed like a good idea at the time...

  23. Haha, I don't know, it tasted so damn good in the glass that I thought it'd be like eating spoonfuls of delicious, powdery protein candy. Nope, nothing like that in fact.

  24. Now that is funny Tighe.... I am pretty crazy, but I do not thnk even I would try that.. Seems like it would just turn to concrete ....

  25. Well, it turned out pretty much like putting dry powder in your mouth would be like. Dry. And powdery. Not my finest moment, that's for sure.


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