Please have a look at what I eat...

  1. Please have a look at what I eat...

    You can see what I eat on this webpage:

    This was the first day that I acctually checked and logged what I realy eat.

    2500 Calories sounds so much...
    Can somebody please have a brief look of the the Calorie stats I have for each food and see if I'm more or less correct?

    Do you guys think I need change drop anything to get the calories lower?
    The problem is guys, I don't even know what I COULD drop...

    Many thanks.

    Edit: Height: 1.86m
    Weight: 206lbs
    BF: 18%
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  2. I dont think this is right on the basis it has you with an intake of 86g of sat fat. For a better idea of what your caloric intake should be, you should post height, weight, BF, etc.
    That being said 2500 kcals is not that much if you are active.

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