How much Calories in 200g Boneless Skinless grilled Turkey breast?

  1. How much Calories in 200g Boneless Skinless grilled Turkey breast?

    I have checked everywere I know, but all I can find is data for Turkey breast with the Skin.

    Could somebody tell me how much Calories I could expect in 200g Skinless Turkey Breast done on a George Foreman grill ?

    Ps: i'm not to lazy to find the info myself i really tried...I'm probably retarded

  2. From what I found 1 ounce of Turkey skinless has 35 Calories

    You have 200 grams which is 7.0547924 ounces * 35 = 246.917734 Calories.

    Google is your friend.

    1 ounce = 28.3495231 grams ( )

    200 / 28.3495231 = 7.0547924 ( )

    7.0547924 * 35 = 246.917734 ( )

    Try this post as well

  3. I'm no expert on the matter , however the book extreme muscle written by a doctor, says for men to try and stay away form turkey and soy due to estrogen like effects. hope this helps, I would stick with the ckicken breasts if possible.

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