fit day dot com....

  1. fit day dot com....

    OK so I've seen mentions of on here so i tried it today and its around 4 PM and so far ive eaten

    933 Calories
    17 grams of fat (150 Calories) 16%
    125 grams of Carbs (459 Calories) 50%
    76 grams of protien (305 Calories) 33%

    to me this doesnt seem like a lot but the carbs seem like a lot is that alot of carbs? how much should one conume of carbs if they want to cut down weight and fat?

  2. first off how big are you? 933 cals is nothing. 125 grams isnt that many (but it depends on what your running and once again size)

    what did you eat, and how are you training?

    The question isnt all about how many carbs you eat to be able to loose fat, it depends on a OVERALL diet and plan.

  3. well now its like 9pm and im up to like 1500 calories and im doing 45 minutes of cardio a day and some weight training mostly cardio now as im trying to drop this last fat. Im eating things like chicken breast, nonfat yogurt, veggies, instant oatmeal (i may cut this out too many sugars), egg whites, salad, no fat dressing, cottage cheese and turkey slices

  4. ohh and im not taking anything right now but soon i will be doing clen or alb

  5. its just this belly blubber is sticking my arms and legs upper back shoulder are looking good i guess this is the last to go =/

  6. dude height/ weight? I wouldnt think about clen/ alb right now, focus in on diet (which seems like you know what to eat, just gotta get a routine going). BUt like i said before we need your height and weight

  7. i think this site may be one of the greatest inventions ever.

    i noticed some talk about it in another thread on here and i checked it out, ive never really kept a running tally of what ive eaten through the day (seemed like a pain in the ass, plus, not everything had nutritional info on it, meat from the market, vegetables, fruits, etc.)

    but you just punch in whatever, its incredibly simple.

    not sure how to put in a multivitamin though, as im sure im not defecient in anything, but the one readout thing says im missing 4-5 things that im not getting from food alone.

    its great, ive been using it for almost a week now (maybe less, i cant remember) im still not eating enough i dont think, but this is letting me know exactly what im not eating enough of, and what i should maybe replace.

  8. 5 foot 10 weight between 185 and 190

  9. In my honest opinion, 1500 kcals is really to low for your current body weight. I think if you wanted moderate weight loss 2000 kcals would suffice unless your metabolism is really slow..Double check all the portions you are eating as I would think at 1500 kcals you would have extreme lethargy.

  10. Just thought I would throw in that there are tens of studies showing that people generally under-report food intake when writing up food records particulalry when faced with a choice that displays calorie levels and other macronutrient contents. Not saying you are recording your intake wrong but I always take the opinion that if using something like Fitday always go for the higher end of a range of possible values bordering on over-estimating.

  11. That is ridiculously low. I am 5'10" and 190 and I have to eat at least 3000 cals just to maintain. I don't know how I would function on 1500 cals. I think 2000 may be too low, you should double check your numbers. I know when I want to cut down, I aim for 2400 cals a day.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by HeIsLegend
    5 foot 10 weight between 185 and 190
    Here is a link for you to work out what your maintenance calorie intake is and some possible fat loss levels

  13. thanks godfather nice link

  14. my girlfriend ate around there when cutting, she is 110 right now, she aws around 118 before. Hope this shows you some what of an idea to low what you eating is for you weight.

  15. Make sure to add all the small things that you may not consider food or meals. Like coffee creamers etc. You'd be surprised how fast 500 empty calories can sneak up on ya. And 1500 calories is too low for someone that watches tv all day. If you're doing cardio on a regular basis it's a good bit too low.

  16. I love fitday!
    It really keeps me focused and attentive to all facets of my nutrition.

    One tip - when considering vitamin/mineral intake - if you take an additional supplement or multivitamin simply go to add a new custom food and enter in just the vitamin and mineral content(and additional carbs, sodium - if there are any like in NO explode, etc). This is pretty key for me as several thermogenics have added b-vitamins and some of the nitric oxide products do as well but no calories. So I still log this in to my food intake to see what nutrients I'm getting/not getting in.

  17. I much prefer to do my calculations through an excel sheet, much quicker and easier to manipulate than fitday. But fitday is good all the same.

    A little tip though to the original poster, rather than inputting as you go (which is what it seems you are doing), plan your days food intake the night before or in the morning. This will help you immensley!

    e.g. Today I wil be training, so I have added my PWO shake to the sheet, along with breakfast (also serves as pre wo nutrition) and bedtime shake. Now I can see how many cals I have to play with for the rest of the day. Simply add food until the numbers are correct for you (e.g 400g pack of turkey, few cans of tuna and a pot of cottage cheese) and split this up into enough meals so that you are eating every 2.5-3 hours.

    easy - no supprises this way

  18. You may want to check this link as well to see what your maintenance, cut, and bulk intake is as well.


  19. Fitday rocks

    I finally signed up, and I don't know why I waited.

    BTW, I consumed 925cals for breakfast. You definitely need to increase your cals to a high of about 3000 (leg day) to a low of about 2200. Have a couple of days in between. Stick with this and you should drop 1-2lbs of fat/week for @ least 4-6 weeks.

  20. For about a year I used Fitday pretty religiously, but I do not have direct access to the internet during the weekends so my numbers were always skewed... and my meals are not as consistent on the weekends.

    Just to let you know what is currently working for me. I find my maintence level of calories and eat that everyday, letting the weightlifting/ cardio act as the caloric defeict. It is working quite well so far (dropped around 10lbs). I've also noticed that if I keep my rest periods short during weights I keep the heart rate up.

  21. My one gripe with Fitday is that I wish it broke everything down by meals. It would just be easier to plan everything out that way.

  22. i always thought i ate enough until i looked at my stats on fitday... i was far under protein and cals that i was pushing for, even on a cut, dropping too low can be hazardous....
    had to throw in an extra meal last night bc i saw my stats were off....i love the damn program, im an addict.

    i also wish i could throw a multivitamin in, i think ill just throw its stats in as if it were food

  23. hey Beowulf would you mind posting what you ate that morning for breakfast at 925 calories im just curious as to what one would consume 925 calories at breakfast would look like on paper. Unless its top secret info =)

  24. Yeah, my breakfast shake usually looks like this
    1 cup Egg whites (24g protein)
    1 cup Cottage Cheese (28g protein)
    8 oz. skim milk (8g protein; 13g carbs)
    .25 cup of oatmeal
    1tbsp extra virgin olive oil

    That is the shake. I also consume 1/2 cup Fiber One with 1/2 cup Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal or Quaker Granola Cereal. This has an additional cup of skim. I don't remember all the macros off hand, but it comes out around 900. I think the split is about 40/40/20.

    I know my daily macros always come out within a 1-3% of 40/40/20, and this is just from the diet that I throw together without tracking anything. I guess my instincts are pretty good

  25. nice thanks very much thats a good breakfast


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