Pre-Surgery diet.

  1. Pre-Surgery diet.

    Im going to have gyno surgery on may 9th. I have recently been on a CKD. I have lost a decent amount of body fat, but not too much overall weight. Im going to be outta the gym for a good month atleast.

    Would it be advanatageous for me and my body to start eating more normal portions of P/C/F so my body can adapt better?

    Also would anyone reccomend taking Vitamin K at higher than reccomended doses before the surgery date. I heard that "K" helps with clotting factors in the immuno-repair station of your body.

  2. wouldnt your doctor be the best suited to answer?

  3. Probably, but seeing as my doctor would definetly not tell me to be eating 4000kcals a day, I wanted to get info from other builder, more so other endos.

    I just dont wanna be totally depleted.

  4. I'm not an endo..But I think it would definitely be less of a shock if you gradually tapered your kcals back to 'normal' levels so you don't place your body into a huge deficiet right away.

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