Seeing Results!

  1. Seeing Results!

    after quitting smoking and switching jobs to 1 with 0 activity i ballooned up from 175 to 228. i was depressed....started eating nothing but taco hell and drinking nothing but beer.

    since then things have turned around... my depression is gone...i now registered with usa boxing so i can get back in the ring and ive completely given myself to my training and diet.

    in the last month ive lost a total of 18lbs thanks to alot of the posts ive seen on here. ive always known the base of good nutrition but it seemed like i just lacked the motivation.

    just wanted to say thanks to everyone . hopefully this time next month i can be down another 8-12 lbs

    for eveyone coming to this site looking for a "quick fix" i just wanted to say SUCK IT UP and do the things you hate. the things u hate are normally the things that help the most. losing weight is NOT easy for majority of us but it CAN be accomplished with the right mindset

  2. good advice, and keep up the good work, I get depressed when I'm inactive too, competeting is what makes u live imop.

  3. feels good to do something to better yourself

  4. This site is a good sight for motivation. Whenever I go here to read threads or read someones good results I get very motivated. It helps keep me going.

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