1. Phentermine

    Has anyone taken this? Whats goodor bad about? I took one today before I went to the gym and it made me feel like I was on crack. But I also didn't get tired as fast as I normally do during my workout.

    Mods please move if in the wrong topic thanks.

  2. My wife has used this for the past 2 1/2 months and lost about 28 lbs so far, seems to be pretty good stuff. It get her pretty wired for most of the day too.

  3. Yea my girlfriend takes them. She wants to lose 10lbs. She weighs 110 and I weigh 157 so I'm surprised she can handle those things b/c they are pretty strong.
  4. Smile

    Ive taken them before 37.5 mg, one a day. Worked good in the begining but then body became used to them pretty fast. Made me moody also but I did manage to drop a few pounds on them. Also made me restless and wired at night for awhile. For the price you can get them online they were worth the investment.

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