From Cut to Bulk back to Cut, looking for some guidance Pics included

  1. From Cut to Bulk back to Cut, looking for some guidance Pics included

    Hows it going guys. I have pics of me from about 4-5 months ago and pics of me from about 2 weeks ago. I wanna get real cut for the summer and was just wondering if you guys had any advice on bodyparts to work on, supplements to add in, or anything else.

    Right now my supps are
    (taking a 4 week break off CEE)

    I plan on switching to EC in 2 weeks to switch it up from Y and gugs

    My diet is more or less

    Wake up
    Protein + oats + fish oil

    Eggwhite omelet
    Ham onion (sometimes cheddar cheese, althought I know it has too much saturated fat and wont eat it for my cut anymore)

    Pre Workout
    Shake + Fish oil


    Lean meat + veggies

    One thing im kinda confused about is prebed. I know 4 shakes a day is too much, and I hate cottage cheese.

    Anyway here are some pics.. Ill have more up later of back and wheels, just this damn camera....wont connect to the comp..sigh technology
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