How soon after AAS/PH can/should you start cutting?

  1. How soon after AAS/PH can/should you start cutting?

    Anybody start a cut right after their PCT is done? Thoughts on waiting longer to make sure you're body is fully recovered...

    What results have you had in the past with various attempts at cutting after your anabolic cycle? How soon? Was it too soon?

  2. I haven't done anything yet.... but...

    You do NOT want to cut calories in PCT. You are already in a catabolic state. And I clarify this because you asked when PCT is done but went on to ask when fully recovered.

    PCT = over when fully recovered.

    Until you know your body and know when you are fully recovered that is when I would switch from maintenance to a deficit.

  3. Right, I definately would NEVER start a cut DURING PCT. I hope I in no way inferred that in my first post.

    Just wondered if people typically started their cut immediately after PCT or waiting a longer to make sure all is well and evened out. I've always waited even longer, but am itching to start a cut pretty quickly after PCT.... I'm feeling fully recovered, but I maybe cruise on maintenance calories for a while after my PCT and then jump into a hard cut...

  4. yeah, with summer comming up I could understand wanting to shred the new mass.

    As you know it's hard to realistcally tell if you are recovered with out bloodwork, but if you feel good I would say go for it.

    Have you thought about running the active in Retain (BEat or something) that Custom just got in as a transdermal?

    What were you going to run for the cut, as that could weigh in to the equation.

  5. I had an inadvertent "cut" starting the last week of PCT. I really hurt my knee - got really, really bumed out and didn't lift that much and didn't eat that much.
    Needless to say, I lost it all and then some.....

  6. I'm planning on cutting shortly after my PCT from my current cycle. I'm running Oratropin into PCT, and will do a 5 week PCT, then feel out how my body is doing for a 6th week before I start the cut.
    when cutting, I plan to run the NHA stack, so hopefully that will help with catabolism. However, if I don't feel like things are up to par after 6 weeks, I'll hold off on the cut.

    I'll let you know how it works out.

  7. I've been thinking of doing the same... running the NHA stack to help preserve muscle as well...

    I'm curious on your results and hopefully it works out. Damn the body is a pain, isn't it?

  8. lucky for me, I cut at the end of my cycle, which was a long one and justified an 8 week cut with different compounds assisting... so I just finished (yesterday) at 8.5% on my calipers, but I feel like a toothpick...

    so my PCT is going to be slightly over maintenence, with a 45/35/20 macro breakdown... I'm cut enough methinks...

    But to answer your question, Jonesrx9000deluxeturbo pretty much did.. cut when you're recovered, when your risk of sacrificing new gains is lower.... (mind you, you will/can sacrifice new gains even after being fully recovered, as the new mass and your body haven't been fully "acquainted" yet)

  9. Quote Originally Posted by not_big_enuf
    Damn the body is a pain, isn't it?
    The body is like a wife. Neglect it and it'll make your life hell. Treat it like it is a pain and it will know, and become very uncooperative. Love it and appreciate it and it will reciprocate

    Note: don't refer to your wife as "it". It'll know, and it is vengeful


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