Fitness and Diet tracker

  1. Fitness and Diet tracker

    hey everyone...check this out...i just happened along this website .......its very interesting and maybe be a little bit easier to keep track of your diet and workout progress

  2. Nice link. Looks like someting worth buying.

  3. has pretty much everything ANYONE could want....whether your a casual dieter....or a body builder....has a measurement tracker, supplement tracker, cardio and weightlifting tracker and thinking about getting it..hehe....its amazing what you find searching on the web...whoever thought of this program defintely a smart move

  4. Nice I just got it, the mobile one looks sweet as well. Thanks.

  5. I prefer CrossTrainer, I think it's at They have a portable one too. I don't use it now because I just have my spreadsheets now, but in the past I did find it user friendly, the portable version was cool, had a decent food library built in, etc. Very good interface too in my opinion.

  6. Intersting link. I'll check out the software.

  7. Man, that program looks slick as hell!! I'm a dietetic student and my class was going to invest on a program called "Nutribase". Expensive too! This program looks better for my needs at the moment! Thanx for the link.


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