Analyze THIS! (massing diet :) )

  1. Analyze THIS! (massing diet :) )

    Excel File Here!

    Some of my goals:
    -taper carbs and sugar
    -30/40/30 ratio (this one has worked well for me in the past)
    -high in fiber
    -high in EFA's (not just from oils too!)

    Any comments/advice/criticisms/questions are welcome and appreciated.


  2. Lookin good. How long are you planning on Bulking?

  3. I'm not sure. No more than 7 weeks because I'll be out of the country for 7 weeks after that...


  4. interesting where you going>

  5. Jay, I know I've already commented on your diet before but the only thing I'd do is find a way to drop the two glasses of OJ. Other than that your diets tight. I still don't get how you can stand 50g of fiber , I'd never get off the thrown.

  6. wildman, I'll be going to the dominican republic


    I'm gonna try the OJ and see how it goes. I've cut sugars out pretty good other than that and the decreased fiber from juice vs. real fruit shouldn't be a problem...Fiber is good. Keeps things flowing well


  7. Just a Vacation or what?

  8. wildman,

    gonna be working in a rural health clinic...


  9. i hear you bro cool!!!!!!!!!!

  10. at your bodyfat levels i wouldn't worry about 2 glasses of oj a day

    sorry, my imac can't open the excel file. you seem to have the right idea diet wise, remember that you need about .75g/lb sugar after workout with protein shake (poliquin's recomendation - you can even try upto 1g/lb if you do the whole routine i put up). about .25g/lb protein. good luck

    cheers, pete


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