What's up folks. Our secretary here has once again started up a "diet". I am determined to help her achieve her goal of losing 60 pounds and actually sticking to it.

I try and explain the "not a diet, it's a lifestyle change" and I think she finally get's it.

She started the south beach diet, which i think is fine for her for now and will help her see some results rather quickly which should keep her motivated.

She takes synthroid because she only has half her thyroid.

I plan on coming up with some kind of "grocery list" for her once she gets going with the south beach thing, and i actually see her determination is still there b/c quite frankly i don't want to put in the time if she's not. Anyway

I want to give her some options regarding supplements she can take to assist with fat loss. I'm not talking about like VENOM or stims or anything, but just stuff that has good combos of vitamins/green tea/ etc etc that can assist her body in processing everything better.

I also don't want to interfere with her Thyroid medication.

Anyone have suggestions...