non-stim supps?

  1. non-stim supps?

    Any suggestions for fatloss supps that don't stimulate the cns or anything?

    Overtime I seem to have developed a sensitivity to the stims. I mean I still use them, and then just deal with the fact that it's 1:00 am and I am no where near being tired.

    Like last night. All I did was maybe take 2 or 3 cafiene pills during the day, and the last one being before noon.

    Anything besides any kind of "oils" is what I am looking for since i already take enough of those


  2. alri's venom special tactics is good and is stimulate free.

  3. Thanks...Have you ever used it? I just found a thread by Mr. 50, but it's a bit dated by now.

    Although I did forget about MeltingPoint, but I do seem to recall that the results did not match up to what people expected. I need to do some further digging.


  4. I just finished a bottle of Aerobitine by SNAC. It doesn't really compare to a stim based product. It didn't kick my fatloss into overdrive, but it did seem to help in the overall process.

  5. the venom special tactics controlled my appetite very well and it helped me stick to my diet, especially at night when i usually get hungry.

  6. Hi - here's a few ideas of products and /or generic ingredients:

    Lignans and Fats:
    • TTA found in Lipid FX, Melting Point, and bulk. I prefer Melting Point, but Lipid FX is a good product too
    • Sesathin by Avant Labs. I prefer theirs after using a few, but others incorporate it into products or have their own version such as Scivation's Sesamin.
    • Combine the above with 2 grams EPA/DHA from Fishoil, and they willl more likely work for you
    Other non or less stimulating goodies:
    • Forksolin found in Camphobolic (USP Labs), bulk, etc. It's in other products, but most like SCORCH by MAN, have stims in them.
    • Read the fact sheet on Designer Supplements K-RLA product, Glucophase XR. You can use it strategically to dispose of blood glucose pre-AM aerobic workouts, and before bed. This would be a good stack with Camphobolic (USP Labs).
    • Green Tea Extract or Green Tea (the l-theanine in real green tea can sometimes counter the stimulation)
    • Sipping on BCAA's thru the day, such as Scivation's XTEND or Chemistry Labs' Excell can help people as they reduce their food intake, burn fat not muscle.
    • If your fat is more concentrated as VAT or SAT in your abs/love handles, some of the topicals like Lipoderm and its variants such as Spookyderm, or mixing up your own homebrew of AbSolved can be a great aid when you get below 12% bf
    • Lastly, shifting your testosterone to estrogen ratio, can help nutrient partitioning.
    This is not a definitive or exhaustive list... but will certainly give you a few ideas.... Combine your favorites from above with a good carb cycling diet, a la Twin Peak's stuff or whatever your favorite diet is, and you can keep with being off the stims.



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