cytomel and superdrol

  1. cytomel and superdrol

    i want to start a cytomel and superdrol stack, i want to take it for three weeks and than start the pct.
    cytomel 25mcg/3 days;50/3;75/3;100/3;75/3;50/3;25/3
    superdrol 20mg/7 days; 30mg/7; and still playing it by ear of whether to up it to 40mg for the last week or just staying at 30.
    How should i take these together is my? and has anyone stacked these 2 before? im currently 5'8 225 20% bf
    would cytomel compliment superdrol or would I be canceling out my gains? somebody help!!! my goal is to lose bf but i do want to get gain a little more body mass but not a drastic amt. thanks in advance

  2. I assume that you have PCT for both the superdrol and the cytomel lined up?

    Personally I would ramp up the t3, but keep the superdrol at 30mg throughout to stave off the inevitable loss of muscle.

    Your diet also will need to have a "moderate" amount of clean carbs just so you don't feel like complete garbage because of the glycogen storing effect of superdrol.

    I would even run the superdrol for four full weeks (with proper pct and liver supps) so you would have a full week to bump your carbs up a bit and hopefully get your thyroid levels back to semi-normal. I would start a thyroid pct during this week as well.

    All I know is:

    Depressed thyroid + depressed natural test levels = muscle loss and fat rebound.

    But hey this is just brotelligence, I could be completely wrong.

  3. If you run T3 at a moderate effective dose like 50mcg, with a long taper down, you will regain thyroid function quite quickly. Tyrosine, Forskholin, guggul, and a few others will help recovery, but I guarantee you, 3 weeks at a moderate dose is nothing to worry about. I like your ramp up, ramp down.. you probably won't need to even go as high as 100mcg.. if you can check your body temperature in the morning, you can better assess how the T3 is doing.

    I agree with Pastor about keeping a constant dose of SD, and it will surely help you retain muscle during T3 use, if not gain.. T3 and AAS are very synergistic together and will further increase protein synthesis. I really like T3.

    make sure your diet is ****in' nailed down BEFORE you start.. 20%bf is no joke.. learn how to eat clean and keep to the diet ADAMANTLY.

  4. thanks for the info, whats a good pct for the cytomel? I have the superdrol pct, thanks again!

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