Should I start doing light cardio? PICS

  1. Should I start doing light cardio? PICS

    I'm starting to wonder if I should start doing light cardio. I've been working out for 7 months now and I've been bulking the whole time. I've developed a little flab around my lower chest, and I've noticed I've developed a belly, although I'm not sure if my posture makes it worse than what it is or what.

    I've cleaned up my diet a lot from what it was and I havent seen much progress.

    I'm 6ft 184 and I wanted to bulk until or maybe even into the beginning of summer, but I've hit a plateau and I haven't moved from 184 in weeks. My abs are a little visible, so I'd guess I am around 15% BF, give or take.

    Should I just start light cardio now or should I continue to bulk because I don't have that much mass and start cardio in a couple months?

    Any thoughts/opinions are greatly appreciated.

    Now onto the pics.

    Edit - In the 2nd pic that was right after a protein shake and meal, but my stomach doesn't change much from that throughout the day.

  2. more lbm = easy cut... however would you be happy with a few extra pounds of fat in the mean time? Only you should be answering that question.

    Personally I'd say look in the mirror and think about how you feel and how you'd feel happiest in your day to day life. Also how many people are likely to see you with your shirt off? Under a t-shirt most people look the same, it's only the huge and the obese who stand out fully clothed!

  3. if you feel you hit a plateau, change something up in your system.. add this, drop that, switch your routine a bit..

    You definitely do not need to cut with cardio.. you are still lean bro. Keep on eating and training.

  4. ^^^ Agree ^^^

  5. Thanks for the responses guys.

    Yeah I figured I was still doin ok in other areas, but I just don't like how my chest and stomach are packin on some sloppy weight.

    Yeah I guess no one sees my chest and stomach when my shirt is on, but it doesn't change the fact that I know their flabby.

    As for changin things up for the plateau, I'm about a month into a new routine. I'm seeing more muscle development, especially in my lats and traps. They were non existent before but they kinda just came out of nowhere since I started this new routine. So I'm still seeing some muscle development but I'm staying the same weight.

  6. You should absolutely be doing cardio, this should be done regardless of cutting or bulking. Keep in mind that Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the western world.

  7. Squats and deadlifts are cardiovascular exercise.


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