ECA vs. Albuterol for Anti-Catabolism / Muscle-Sparing on a Cut

  1. ECA vs. Albuterol for Anti-Catabolism / Muscle-Sparing on a Cut

    Which has better proven muscle-sparing qualities on a cut, Albuterol or Ephedrine?

    I've come across various claims in my research, but I am interested in hearing if anyone has compared them head-to-head, or can point me to some succinct science regarding the anti-catabolic qualities of these two substances.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. ive used both and seems that albuterol is the winner here. ephedrine has very minor anabolic properties and ive heard that albuterol is similar to clen in its anabolism although this topic is debated. i think most anecdotal feedback will point to albuterol though.

  3. I've done both before, and I would have to say albuterol....hands down. While using it on a cut, I was eating under maintenence and lost body fat and actually gained muscle. When I've used and ECA stack in the past I always seem to lose strength and visible muscle mass.

  4. Great responses, thank you!

  5. Albuterol wins on efficacy. ECA wins on price and availability.

  6. To those searching this thread, useful info:

  7. One of the biggest effects of ephedrine is preferential fat loss over muscle mass, so all by itself it is wondeful for cutting.

    As far as personal feedback, I would go with the Alb. People seem to like it a lot more, and it also works wonders in its fat loss/ LBM preserving properties.


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