Fat college kid, seeking a diet plan/advice

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  1. The on thing that you need to look into over calories is the Glycemic index that each food gives off. Normally more refined foods give off a higher insulin spike. Basically what this means is, is that your body can break this carb down into glucose rather readily and its way of counteracting hyperglycemia (which was induced by eating refine carbs i.e.-quaker flavored oatmeal) is to store it as adipose tissue. This is the last thing you want if you are trying to lose the adipose tissue.

    You have to keep in mind even if you are in a coma, your body has a maintenace calorie range. If you are 20 at 165lbs and you are lets say six feet tall, with moderate exercise you should take in roughly 2800 kcal a day.

    Your diet is super deficient in calories, you need to eat around 300-500 kcal under to start losing weight. If you drop lower than that your TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) might slowdown and that is also rather antagonistic.

    Basic rules.

    1.) If you are going to eat complex carbs, eat them with a lot of protein after you workout. Your insulin receptors are extremely up regulated at this point and this is where you should take them in. Im talking a couple pieces of bread or a banana, not a snickers bar.

    2.) Eat a big breakfast, should be the big meal of the day.....Big within reason and macro breakdown.

    3.) Eat clean, slow digesting protein at night....stay away from the carbs. Cottage cheese, with some essential fats (Fish or Flax) or a good casein blend protien shake.

    Drink ATLEAST 1 gallon of water a day.

    Your cardio should be low/moderate intensity

    Dont go doing windsprints and indian runs, just get on a treadmill and walk a steady pace on a gradual incline. At this pace you should be able to carry on a convo while doing it.

    Good luck, keep us posted.

  2. You're gonna have to eat to lose man, it looks like you're practically starving there.

    Forgive us, but as you can see many of us have THOUSANDS of posts here and have written one too many diets, so it basically comes down to pay your dues in one way or another.

    Lots of people invest in online trainers such as Bobo the board owner. In all honesty your best bet is to pay someone to get the results you want. Its not all that expensive and it wll save you TONS AND TONS of frustration.

    Otherwise, I dont' care how smart or how dedicated you are, it'll take quite some time before you can educate yourself enogh to write efficient diet plans.

    Now, no matter which route you go you're going to need to study, so like beelzeboob said...get readin' bud.

    welcome to the forums...this is a great place for learning


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