Planning my diet. Need some help.

  1. Planning my diet. Need some help.

    Been reading and what not and this is what I've came up with so far. This is the beginning stage of my diet. I will build off this unless you guys tell me otherwise.

    I am planning on doing a 55/30/15 percentages for a 2500 calorie diet.

    Protein- 750 calories, 188 grams
    Carbohydrates- 1375 calories, 344
    Fat- 375 calories, 42 grams

    Using a calorie calculator I found my daily calorie expenditure was 4372 , hence the equation:
    (4372-2500)/3500 = 16 lbs of weightloss for a month.

    I've read that you should eat 6 meals a day every 3 hours. With my schedule right now I'm thinking five meals a day and a snack. My snack would probably have to be in the morning since I eat breakfeast around 7 and don't have the oppurtunity to eat lunch until 1130. 41/2 hours seems to long to go without eating nething. This is just what I'm thinking but if you guys have any suggestions please comment.


  2. I'll just go ahead and post it before someone else does. If you want to get some help you're gonna need to put up here what you are eating not just a calorie break down. For all I know that consists of pizza and burger king.

    Also calorie dropping does exaclty work like that, "drop more calories equals lose more weight. Therefore if I want to lose 16 pounds in a month I drop 2000 cals a day. "

    You need to drop them alot slower than that, and be prepared for it to take a lot longer than a month. What dropping 2000 will do is put your body into starvation mode which you don't want, not only will you not lose the weight but what weight you do lose will be alot of muscle.

    Put up a samle day of eating and let the guys here help you out, there's alot of good knowledge here but I promise you they will say the same thing until they can see a diet, that's if they even say anything at all. Some guys won't even reply if you dont have a diet up.


  3. Right now I don't have a diet. Thats why my subject is planning my day is planning my diet.

    What would be a good amount of calories to take in per day then?

  4. A good place to start is 10% less than your maintanenece calories.

  5. I googled a maintenance estimator and looks like my maintenance would be 2700 calories. And heres my breakdown of calories and ratios:

    Protein- 810 calories, 202.5 grams
    Carbohydrates- 1350 calories, 337.5
    Fat- 540 calories, 60 grams

    Five meals per day

    500 calories per meal
    Protein- 162 calories, 40.5 grams
    Carbohydrates-270 calories, 67.5 grams
    Fat- 108 calories, 12 grams of fat



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